Weight Loss Tip: Drink More Water to Lose Weight

drink more water to lose weightMost of us simply do not drink enough water, so we’re constantly thirsty and we often mistake this for hunger. This can result in overeating and dehydration. If you make a real effort to drink plenty of water every day, you’ll curb that thirst and you’ll even fill yourself up. It’ll also help prevent you from snacking too much!  Also, drinking water is important because it flushes out toxins, it helps carry nutrients to your cells, and it supports every system in your body.

If you don’t like plain water, and regularly drink soda you’re going to have to wean yourself off of those sugary drinks. You can try herbal teas instead of plain water if that helps (they’re free from calories). You can also try fruit infused water as well. This includes adding fruit to your water pitcher (sliced lemons, cucumbers, oranges, berries, or any other fruit you enjoy) and letting sit for overnight. It’s that simple and it’s delicious! Start drinking more water to lose weight today. 

Additional information: Drinking water speeds weight loss


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