Tips for Overcoming Cravings for Alcohol

alcoholIn certain limited situations, alcohol can be beneficial. However, there are many more unhealthy situations and concerns related to drinking alcohol. Alcoholism and medicine interactions are two of the many issues.

Overcoming alcohol cravings:

  • Recognize your “triggers”. External triggers include people places, things, or time of day. Knowing your triggers helps you to avoid them.
  • Internal triggers can be from emotions or even nutrition deficiencies. When you have an urge to drink, think about what you are feeling. Are you sad, frustrated, or nervous? Try to avoid these situations.
  • Keep alcohol out of your home.
  • Avoid activities that involve drinking whenever possible.
  • Remind yourself why you are limiting alcohol.
  • Talk to someone when you can’t handle the craving. Contact your sponsor, a trusted friend, or a family member who understands.
  • Distract yourself with healthy activities like lifting weights, meditating, or watching short videos online.
  • Eat a healthy meal three times a day.

Alternatives to alcohol

  1. Non-alcoholic beers and wines
  2. Coffee and tea
  3. Fresh fruit and vegetables, more proteins
  4. Going for a walk, swim or other exercise
  5. Taking a long relaxing bath
  6. Spending quality time with your kids and family
  7. Listening to your favorite music
  8. Learn a new skill or hobby like cooking or drawing
  9. Volunteer

While this post offers some great tips on overcoming cravings for alcohol, the topic of alcohol abuse is serious and cannot be ignored. If you need help determining your limits and/or believe you may have a drinking problem, please seek help. I wish you nothing but good health, my friend.

Tomorrow I’m moving back into a lighter subject – carbohydrates… but don’t think that it’s much easier than the food and drink cravings we’ve been discussing. Not to mention, after sugar, carbs can be a real problem for those who are looking to lose weight. I’m going to share some tips on how to kick the carb cravings tomorrow so please stay tuned!

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