Skinny Spotlight: Jodi

Check out Jodi! She’s doing fabulous…


Here is her testimonial, in her own words:  [Read more…]

Skinny Spotlight: Jennifer

Jennifer is starting her next 90 day challenge after crushing her first one!

Jennifer1 Jennifer2

“I just wanted to share my personal before and after with Skinny Fiber. I started Skinny Fiber in November of 2012. By April of 2013, I had lost 21 pounds and 24 inches total. I went from a size 14/16 (depending on my clothes) to a size 10. I have a ton of energy and feel fantastic. I have just started another 90 day challenge on January 1st, 2014. I am down another 3 pounds and have now made it into my first pair of size 8 pants and skirt. Yay!!!! Skinny Fiber is incredible.” – Jennifer

Skinny Spotlight: Stacy

Stacy has been on her Skinny Fiber journey for almost a year now and she looks fantastic.


This is her story, in her own words… [Read more…]

Skinny Spotlight: Cassondra

Wow! Cassondra has gotten amazing results in her 90 days challenge. In addition to taking Skinny Fiber, she also did Zumba and strength training to maximize her results.


Here is story, in her own words…  [Read more…]

Skinny Spotlight: Tammy


This Tammy’s story, in her own words…

“I have now lost 51 pounds and 42 inches since May thanks to Skinny Fiber!!! This has been a life changing journey for me! In May I went to a casting call for The Biggest Loser and thought that that was my destiny. Something in me was calling me to try out for the show! I had watched it from the beginning and I thought it would fix all the problems in my life! I was devastated when they did not pick me! I then made a life changing decision! I decided that instead of sitting on my butt and getting fatter that I was gonna get up and do something about the mess that I had my life and my body in! I CHOSE to work on ME! I CHOSE to CHANGE! We all can do it, it is a CHOICE and only YOU can do it for yourself! NO one else can do it for you or wish it for you! [Read more…]

Skinny Spotlight: Carmen

This is Carmen’s amazing Skinny Fiber & Ageless results and testimonial…

“If you are skeptic about using the Skinny Body Care products, this one’s for you. I decided it was time to do a “progress report” … This is ME (Carmen W.) between October 2012 and August 2013 on Skinny Fiber and Ageless Anti-Aging Serum. The difference is just blowing me away. So far I have lost 30 lbs on Skinny Fiber and went from a size 18 down to a 12

NOTE: I am NOT wearing any foundation makeup (I can’t stand it, lol). Only eyeliner, mascara and lipstick on all 3 pictures. My face has definitely become a LOT smoother.” – Carmen


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Skinny Spotlight: Kevin

This is Kevin and his progress during his first 30 days on Skinny Fiber.


This is his testimonial, in his own words…  [Read more…]

Skinny Spotlight: Carrie

WOW!! Check out Carrie’s progress using Skinny Fiber! This is her testimonial, in her own words…

“Skinny Fiber has changed MY life, and the lives of thousands. So it’s your choice… Either use the “too good to be true” assumption as your excuse, or take a chance and try something new that might actually live up to it’s claims!!!!! You decide.” – Carrie


Skinny Spotlight: Stacy

This is Stacy! Look how incredible this mother of 3 looks…


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This is her testimonial, in her own words… [Read more…]

Skinny Spotlight: Jenny-Lyn

Wow! Look at Jenny-Lyn! She looks AMAZING! This is her testimonial from 7/26/13 about her use of Skinny Fiber…

Today is my 4 month!!! 140lbs and a size 15 to 118 and a size 4!!!!! I started my skinny fiber on March 26th. I was so hesitant to take a before photo, but as you can by April 2nd I was so happy I did. I could not believe the difference in just a few days! I never was a pop drinker so that was one habit I didn’t have to break! I just finished nursing school and never allowed myself to eat while in class because I would get extremely bloated, not to mention I would get extremely tired right after….so I got in an awful habit of not eating at all during the day, I would come home and do my homework and have the biggest binge and go right to bed. Well not anymore! Since I have been on skinny fiber, I have completely lost the bloat and I am eating regular meals, just much less! I am more energized than I have been in a real long time, and I have lost a total of 14lbs since my start date! I can’t wait to do another photo when its been a month!!!!!” – Jenny Lyn


Skinny Spotlight: Crystal

This is Crystal’s journey, in her own words…

“Hi. I’m Crystal. I’m 33 years old. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia two years ago but have struggled with symptoms for years. I have always been a big girl. Lost some after having my two kids but always put it back on. I struggled daily with my self image for years. I started Skinny Fiber May 11 of this year. I weighed 205 and was in a tight 16. I now weigh as of today 183 and in a size 12 and some 10s. I am completely off my fibro medicines and only occasionally have to take a pain pill. I have also suffered with severe manic depression and anxiety and was diagnosed as being bipolar when I was 22. I am also off all those medicines! Skinny Fiber has totally changed my life! I like what I see in the mirror now and am so much happier. I have more energy and just feel great!! I can’t wait to see what else Skinny Fiber does for me!” – Crystal


Skinny Spotlight: Alesha

Alesha finished our 90 Day Challenge and is doing great!! This is her testimonial, in her own words…

“Today is the final day of my “90 Day Challenge.” Skinny Fiber has changed my life. I Feel GOOD!! I feel ALIVE!! My entire body has lost FAT!! (LOL) I have a 3 y/o little girl to keep up with and now I can. Still have a long way to go. But, now I have the power and the drive and direction to get there. I lost 25lbs. and 23inches!!! THANK YOU SKINNY FIBER!!!” – Alesha


Skinny Spotlight: Teri

Wow! A year makes a world of difference! Just look at Teri …


All I can do is show you the results of using Skinny Fiber… it’s up to you whether you believe them or not. Just think where you would be now if you had started when you first saw me posting about Skinny Fiber over 2 years ago? (Yep, it’s been over 2 years – I joined this company June of 2011.) So are you gonna sit there and watch for another 2 years waiting to see if it’s real or fake? YOU CAN DO THIS!! And with my new Get Thin and Strong support group, I will be right there with you to help you!

Here’s Teri’s testimonial, in her own words… [Read more…]

Skinny Spotlight: Patti

WOooow!! This is Courtney‘s aunt – she looks FABULOUS!!


This is her Skinny Fiber Journey, in her own words… [Read more…]

Skinny Spotlight: Krystal

Check out Krystal! She is down 30 lbs and doing fantastic 🙂

“Hello everyone!! I wanted to share my before and after pics with you all! So far, I have lost almost 30lbs. I’ve got a ways to go, but I am on the right track!! I am so proud of my accomplishments so far! I have been trying to eat as clean as I can, but still have so much improvements to make, of course using skinny fiber, and drink only water!” – Krystal


Skinny Spotlight: Megan

I’d like to introduce you to Megan. She is another satisfied Skinny Fiber user who is not only looking great, but feeling great too!


This is Megan’s story, in her own words: [Read more…]

Skinny Spotlight: Courtney

Courtney is doing AMAZING on Skinny Fiber!


Here is her testimonial in her own words…

“The girl in my before pic was sad and had given up on herself. I had sleep apnea and would wake up numerous times a night gasping for air. Being a single parent, my worst fear was my boys finding me dead. I am crying as I type this because my whole world has changed.

After only 4 months of low carb eating and Skinny Fiber (no exercise), I have lost 56 pounds and I am NOT done yet. [Read more…]

Skinny Update: Aya

I posted Aya’s testimonial and before & after pics a couple months ago.  She just shared a new pic, so I wanted to share it with you! She’s doing wonderful!!!


Here’s a new testimonial from her as well 🙂 [Read more…]

Skinny Spotlight: Veronica

This is Veronica Howard and her 5 month picture with Skinny Fiber: 30 lbs & 27″ gone!

“I thought it was time to show you, what Skinny fiber has done for me, I was a skeptic just like many of you, I watched in a group for a while before I ordered because I had tried everything on the market, lost and gained many times.

I was at my highest weight and getting depressed, When I met Bobbi , a distributor, and finally ordered, I gave up soda and started eating healthy, eating breakfast which I never did, added more vegetables to every meal, I always had a never ending appetite but skinny fiber took care of that, It really fills you up so you eat less, I drink a lot of water, don’t eat junk food and limit my carbs, I have done very little exercise, I know my results would be even better if I did

I feel so much better, the first thing I noticed is I was sleeping better, no more getting up sitting at table unable to sleep at night, and my energy was better but no jitters, I feel so much better emotionally too, that’s hard to explain but I think it helped my hormones, If I can do this so can you, The only thing I wish is that I would of tried it sooner, I have a ways to go but this is my journey and with sf and this group I will get there!!!

This is at my 5 month mark 30 lbs gone, 27″ gone

Oh and my Doctor totally approved Skinny Fiber!!!” – Veronica

Skinny Spotlight: Michele

Here is another satisfied Skinny Fiber user! Michele is doing great on Skinny Fiber and looking fabulous. Check out her testimonial:

“I wanted to share my personal testimonial with everyone. I was always thin and could eat anything that I wanted, that is until the dreaded perimenopause started to set in and slowly my weight began to go up and especially in the belly area. I would try to cut back on what I was eating and try to get in more exercise but I just kept gaining. I tried a few different supplements that were supposed to help with belly fat, but still to no avail. Then one day I received an email about a product called Skinny Fiber. Already being a regular supplement taker of vitamins and such and being relatively health conscious, right away I liked the fact that this product seemed different than the other weight loss products on the market. First, it was all natural with no chemical stimulants and no other unnecessary additives or fillers and such. I researched the three main ingredients and was very impressed with the health benefits of each aside from helping with weight loss. Then as an added bonus there were digestive enzymes added to help the body become healthier and better able to be in a position to start losing the weight. I loved that it had a natural detox and cleansing effect on the body.

So, I decided why not give it a shot? Even if I didn’t lose the weight, I felt I would be taking something that would be beneficial to my health in the long run. So, I started taking it, and to be honest at first I wasn’t even taking it as directed and slowly I noticed my clothes becoming looser and the number on the scale going down and people were asking me if I was losing weight! My cravings started to diminish and I had more energy. I told my husband “either this stuff works, or I might be sick or something.” Thankfully, it was the former!

I know that there are others who may not have had the success with weight loss that they would have liked in the past in spite of their best efforts. Sometimes we all need a little help and I can in good conscious recommend this product to you wholeheartedly if you have been looking for something to jump start your health and weight loss efforts. It is not a magic pill and of course it will not work overnight, but if taken consistently and persistently as directed and you are really ready to make a change in your life, I believe you will be pleased! =^..^=” ~ Michele