Skinny Spotlight: Victoria

Here’s another Skinny Fiber testimonial 🙂

“♥ I decided to make a major lifestyle change in September of 2012. After years of trying to lose weight to only gain the weight back. I was just tired of it all and losing motivation. I have always been a pretty confident person but as time went on I felt myself putting on more and more weight.I found not only a remarkable one of a kind diet product but also a support team of wonderful people who were dedicated to helping me reach my goal. With a simple to follow plan of two capsules two times a day and helpful tips from my support group, weight loss has been simple to obtain.

Here’s a before picture in 2011 weighting 260 lbs. The second one I took in January 6,2013 .Wow! I’m never going back to the unhappy person I was in the first picture! Looking back on pictures I have no idea how I could let it get so out of control. There are many days where I start to doubt myself but then I see or feel the little changes on my body or my clothes gives me good news. This is my new life…” -Victoria


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Skinny Body Max

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