Skinny Spotlight: Veronica

This is Veronica Howard and her 5 month picture with Skinny Fiber: 30 lbs & 27″ gone!

“I thought it was time to show you, what Skinny fiber has done for me, I was a skeptic just like many of you, I watched in a group for a while before I ordered because I had tried everything on the market, lost and gained many times.

I was at my highest weight and getting depressed, When I met Bobbi , a distributor, and finally ordered, I gave up soda and started eating healthy, eating breakfast which I never did, added more vegetables to every meal, I always had a never ending appetite but skinny fiber took care of that, It really fills you up so you eat less, I drink a lot of water, don’t eat junk food and limit my carbs, I have done very little exercise, I know my results would be even better if I did

I feel so much better, the first thing I noticed is I was sleeping better, no more getting up sitting at table unable to sleep at night, and my energy was better but no jitters, I feel so much better emotionally too, that’s hard to explain but I think it helped my hormones, If I can do this so can you, The only thing I wish is that I would of tried it sooner, I have a ways to go but this is my journey and with sf and this group I will get there!!!

This is at my 5 month mark 30 lbs gone, 27″ gone

Oh and my Doctor totally approved Skinny Fiber!!!” – Veronica

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Skinny Body Max

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