Skinny Spotlight: Teri

Wow! A year makes a world of difference! Just look at Teri …


All I can do is show you the results of using Skinny Fiber… it’s up to you whether you believe them or not. Just think where you would be now if you had started when you first saw me posting about Skinny Fiber over 2 years ago? (Yep, it’s been over 2 years – I joined this company June of 2011.) So are you gonna sit there and watch for another 2 years waiting to see if it’s real or fake? YOU CAN DO THIS!! And with my new Get Thin and Strong support group, I will be right there with you to help you!

Here’s Teri’s testimonial, in her own words…

“Here it is.. One year! What a difference 365 Days can make! June 17 2012 to June 17 2013! A year ago I never EVER thought I would be where I am today. I reached my goal weight of 170lbs in March 2013.

After a great run but a stubborn plateau with an expensive product I was introduced to skinny Fiber. Skinny Fiber helped me smash through my plateau helped me lose an additional 30lbs and approx. 50 inches! I lost a combined total of 90lbs and 125 inches!

I have stopped taking skinny fiber now unless I feel that I have no control one day (you know stressful days) and when I go out to eat. So now I thank Skinny Fiber for helping me maintain my new body!” – Teri

Skinny Body Max is the NEW enhanced all natural weight loss supplement that was created from the original Skinny Fiber formula. It can help you lose weight by making you feel full faster so you eat less. It may also reduce cravings, boost metabolism, burn fat, and help suppress your appetite. Order today!

Skinny Body Max

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