Skinny Spotlight: Tammy


This Tammy’s story, in her own words…

“I have now lost 51 pounds and 42 inches since May thanks to Skinny Fiber!!! This has been a life changing journey for me! In May I went to a casting call for The Biggest Loser and thought that that was my destiny. Something in me was calling me to try out for the show! I had watched it from the beginning and I thought it would fix all the problems in my life! I was devastated when they did not pick me! I then made a life changing decision! I decided that instead of sitting on my butt and getting fatter that I was gonna get up and do something about the mess that I had my life and my body in! I CHOSE to work on ME! I CHOSE to CHANGE! We all can do it, it is a CHOICE and only YOU can do it for yourself! NO one else can do it for you or wish it for you!

I started taking Skinny Fiber and everything started changing! I no longer craved Pepsi, and I was the Pepsi Queen!!!! At one point I was drinking 2 2liters a day! I have not had a Pepsi since May and I have NO desire to have one! I also was a big time eater of fast food and junk food! I would eat a box of donuts instead of dinner because I loved sweets! Skinny Fiber has also taken away my cravings for the junk I was eating before! I actually crave healthy foods now! One of my biggest problems when going on a diet was that I always still had those cravings for the bad stuff and I did not have the will power to fight it! With Skinny Fiber I no longer have to fight the battle, I have already won the war! This has been a lifestyle change for me, no more diets!!!

I LOVE Skinny Fiber and that is why I also sell it! I am not the type of person that can recommend anything if they don’t believe in it. I know first hand that this works and I have friends and family that are taking it and having great results too! It actually works and it is a 100% all natural health supplement, caffeine free, stimulant free, gluten free and soy free. Everything in it is plant based, no chemicals or additives. No chemicals that can cause side effects. And it comes with an empty bottle, no questions asked money back guarantee. How can you go wrong with that?! YOU can’t, all you have to lose is the weight, and this actually works!!! I will say that Skinny Fiber has changed my whole life! I am the happiest that I have EVER been in my entire life! It is your turn now YOU can CHOOSE to change YOUR life too!” – Tammy

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Skinny Body Max

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