Skinny Spotlight: Roger

Wow. This Skinny Fiber testimonial is one I simply had to share. Roger looks AMAZING and his story is so inspiring. Check it out:

“Sitting on my couch one day, something really odd happened to me, sugar spike, vision, whatever…but I saw my more than 350 pound body laying in a casket, and my children crying…some man walks up and says to my children, “The sad thing is, he did not even try to change it”..Tears in my eyes, i put on my shoes and started a Journey that day that I determined was going to change the whole course of my life!!

I tried every diet pill, bought every workout video, and even tried fasting entire days to lose the weight..I remember that overwhelming feeling of, this is so IMPOSSIBLE!! The picture says 321 but the truth is guys, when I got on the scale day one, it went to 300 pounds and stopped. I was to heavy for the scales to weight me! So I had worked out and dieted for over a month before I got on a quarter scale at the flying J and that day it said 321 pounds, so I counted that as my starting point.

I got to 289 pounds by walking miles a day and starving myself but I refused to give up or give in. I was determined I would make it to my goal but I simply could not lose weight, I had hit that wall! I started a diet that was given to me by a doctor and the weight just started falling off but still yet I got to a point that I could not lose another pound…Then came Skinny fiber, I COULD NOT believe how I felt full all the time!! The hunger was finally gone! In one week I dropped 11 pounds and almost two inches off my stomach!” – Roger H.

Roger H - Skinny Fiber Testimonial

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