Skinny Spotlight: Ms. Zetooney

Here’s another incredible testimonial from Ms. Zetooney.

“Ok y’all here it is here is my testimony. This is my 120 day Journey. I started at 153 pounds. I am hypothyroid and I have a problem with weight gain and energy. I have taken every diet product on the planet and either they made me feel sick or too jittery. Then one day on a friends page I came across skinny fiber. I was like Hmmmm well what the heck it doesn’t cost a million dollars and its all natural and this will be my last diet product I do so let’s try it!!! Well after the first week I had more energy and was feeling back to my old self!!! I was eating a heck of a lot less cause I felt soooo full!!! I was able to do things again that I had to like drink a bunch of energy drinks and coffees to get the oompf to do it!! Also was constantly moving and incorporating yoga into my everyday regimen the weight started to come off! I couldn’t believe it……skinny fiber works!!!!!!! It really really works!!! Finally I am 118 pounds w 6inches off my belly and some muscles and feeling great and confident and even had the courage to buy a Victoria’s Secret bathing suit for the summer. Thank you soooo much skinny fiber!!! I’m a believer!!! The proof is in the pudding y’all!!!! I am ready beach!!!!! Leeggo!!” – Ms. Zetooney

Skinny Fiber Testimonial

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  1. Wow. Way to go. That’s hard work paying off right there.
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