Skinny Spotlight: Kevin

This is Kevin and his progress during his first 30 days on Skinny Fiber.


This is his testimonial, in his own words… 

“So people have asked me ok Kevin where is YOUR update…. Well here it is! From the start of my journey I’ve always been a BIG guy and over the last few years I’ve slowly started to pack on the pounds and at my absolute heaviest I weighed 308 pounds and that was about 4 months ago. I have an amazing wife and family and friends and they have been my rock! I wanted to get healthier for ME! I’ve quit smoking after doing that nasty habit for 13 years and it’s been almost 3 years since my last lung dart. So I knew my next battle was with my health and wellness. I decided ENOUGH was enough it was time to loose weight!! So my J.O.B. right now I work outside all day in the sun and the heat (notice the WONDERFUL tan lines) and I sweat a lot and walk a LOT (about 15 miles a day) so I am active! There’s 12 week weight loss challenge at work and after the first 4 weeks I saw a 7 pound loss….. I was excited but wanted more!

That’s were Skinny Fiber comes in! My sister, step mother, her sisters and a couple other friends were using Skinny FIber, so I said heck with it, I’m doing it too! That was on July 7th and I was starting my 90 day challenge at 301 pounds! I’ve tried Power90, Wii Fit, and a couple other things but I didn’t have the right mindset to succeed at them, so I failed! I know that to get healthy there is no magic pill that will make weight melt away, or a lotion to rub on my body to erase the fat. There is hard work and dedication and exercise that will make you reach your goals! I started taking skinny fiber and increased my activity a little and didn’t feel any different after my first week. it wasn’t until I weighed in and BOOM I lost about 3 pounds and 3 inches! I know I wasn’t the Biggest Loser, but I felt great about myself!

so after my first week my wife said I looked smaller and I didn’t think so but when I weighed in I was smaller again after the 2nd week. After every week I saw results I was FINALLY getting smaller! The only change to my diet was that I was eating healthier and drink lots of water and taking 2 Skinny Fiber capsules 30 minutes before lunch and then dinner. I didn’t increase my activity or exercise and I’m down weight and inches! After 30 days using Skinny Fiber I’ve lost 17 pounds and 13 inches!! I know that this product works and I know that I will lose more and start to feel even better about my body and I won’t be nervous about working on the tan on the rest of my body!

My goal is to be able to go zip lining with my mother on her birthday this year! I do need to loose about 30 more pounds before November, but I can tell you this I WILL get there! I also will always be there for my friends and family on their journey to a healthier life!”– Kevin

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