Skinny Spotlight: Kayla

It’s time for another Skinny Fiber success story! Kayla has had tremendous success using Skinny Fiber without any diet and exercise. Check out her story below. You look amazing, Kayla!

“I started Skinny Fiber on May 4th, 2012 and used it religiously, every day, twice a day until the end of July. I went off of it because I needed surgery and I didn’t want anything in my body. I had lost 50 pounds in that time frame. I was off from the end of July until October 8th and did not gain back a single ounce. This is my second round and since October 8th, I am down 13 pounds. I have NOT dieted or exercised, AT ALL and I don’t skip meals. I don’t drink soda, only water and that is honestly the only thing I’ve changed since the beginning. We still eat out, we still cook real food. My measurements are below from the beginning. May 4th until today, November 29th.” – Kayla

Lower Belly – Start 46” – End 36”
Waist – Start 42” – End 30”
Chest – Start 37”- End 32”
Forearm – Start 10.5” – End 9.25”
Calves – Start 16” – End 13”
Wrist – Start 8” – End 6”
Hips – Start 48” – End 39”
Thigh – Start 29” – End 21.5”
Upper Arm – Start 13” – End 10.5”
Neck – Start 15” – End 13”

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