Skinny Spotlight: Heather J.

Heather is one of my biggest inspirations right now! Once weighing 378 pounds, she lost 150 pounds doing Atkins only to gain it back years later after losing her precious mother. But Heather doesn’t give up! She lost the weight again, then hit a plateau that wouldn’t budge until she found Skinny Fiber. She’s lost 22 pounds to date taking Skinny Fiber and following the Atkins diet… and she is still going strong! Isn’t she beautiful? 🙂  Here’s her personal testimonial:

My Name is Heather, I’m 31 year’s old… I weighted 378 pounds, and I was not happy… I was sad, depressed, not confident.. I couldn’t walk without being out of breath… Something had to change… I found Atkins and the pounds started coming off… I stopped drinking soda, stopped eating pasta, stopped eating breads, and candy etc… I lost 150 pounds… the lowest I got was 227.. Kept it there..

In 2010 my mother passed away, I lost myself in food again. I didn’t care what I ate, or didn’t eat.. I just didn’t care about myself anymore.. This went on from October 2010 until July 2011.. I knew I was going to end up at 378 again if not more….

I started back up on Atkins AGAIN, and I started leslie Sanson dvd’s .. Walk it out on the wii, I just took it day by day… and I lost 195 …. I was weighing between 184 and 193 for 2-3 months.. And no matter what I tried, or didn’t try didn’t matter.. I was still the same weight…

My friends were on something called Skinny fiber, and I saw their results, and I was like, what, really? What can it hurt to give it a try? Nothing.. I could lose nothing but weight. So I bought a bottle.. In my first 2 days I lost 4 pounds.. And I was thinking?! What.. No way wow… I tried it a few more days, by 13 days, I had lost 14 pounds… yep that’s right! .. So I started selling Skinny Fiber… & the rest well it’s not written yet 🙂 still working on losing the rest of my weight! 😉 But 4 weeks on Skinny Fiber & I am down 22 pounds, not sure about my inches I haven’t checked yet… but from my before & after pictures you can see, I”VE LOST A LOT!!! in just 4 weeks!!!!!

So for a total weight loss of 202-205 pounds 195 with Atkins and working out 6 days a week.. And 22 pounds with Atkins, & skinny fiber, not working out the past 4 weeks.” – Heather J.

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