Skinny Spotlight: Franchesca

Here is another testimonial from the beautiful Franschesca! Check it out:

“YES SKINNY FIBER WORKS & YES ITS NATURAL & YES IT DOES HELP!! Total Lost 47lbs and last count of inches was a loss of 68 inches of total body!! Down 4 FULL DRESS SIZES!! Cholesterol dropped 350 points, Blood Pressure dropped from 136/92 to 112/78 and I’m still doing Workout challenges, Zumba Dancing and Working MY HEALTHY LIFE PLAN!!

My journey has been interesting. I’ve tried everything in the book………But I got some help from Personal Trainers and Skinny Fiber and I made the decision to stick with it. I was hurt by people who took advantage of my kindness and became an emotional eater, comfort foods became my vice since I cook and bake everything from scratch. I picked up weight and hypertension (152/110 the highest my blood pressure has ever been). Something had to change! So, I made a decision to let the hurt go, speak life over myself and over my circumstances to get better, be better and encourage others. I’m still not where I want to be, but I’m soooo excited about where I’ve come. That picture that you see before you is my testimony and my journey. The highlight was being able to get back into wearing Boots! YES I LOVE SHOES!! LOL! Thank you for allowing me to share my story! Skinny Fiber and Workouts are the Truth.” – Franchesca


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