Skinny Spotlight: Cassondra

Wow! Cassondra has gotten amazing results in her 90 days challenge. In addition to taking Skinny Fiber, she also did Zumba and strength training to maximize her results.


Here is story, in her own words… 
“My 90 days is up!!!! My name is Cassondra and Skinny Fiber has changed my life. I love it. Today I finished my first 90 day challenge, I have lost 33 pound and over 33 inches (I messed up when measuring chest so probably closer to 40 inches!) I have changed my food and begun to workout but the fact I have even lost weight doing that is amazing I have tried so many different things… Skinny Fiber Curbs your cravings, makes you feel full so you eat less, detoxes your body and makes your body healthy enough to finally loose weight! I now work out 6 days a week! My 30th birthday is in May this year and I signed up for a 5k obstacle course in the mud for June. I have never done anything like that! My goal is to have a six pack in May for my birthday! I am starting to finally live my life after hiding out so long cause of my weight. I am ready to get out and start doing! Try the 90 day challenge. Give it a chance to assist you on your journey to being a healthier you! I already have my next 90 day challenge and I am starting again today!”
– Cassondra

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