Skinny Spotlight: Aya

This testimonial brought tears to my eyes because it is just so amazing. Check it out…

“I’d sing it off rooftops if anyone would listen…

So…in September I almost died from a doctor’s mistake. My nervous system, digestive system, & my kidneys shut down. My heart was failing, & through this whole ordeal I gained an extra 62 lbs in 1.5 mos. So the effects caused me not to be able to walk, talk, or even be able to feed myself. I had violent tremors. I couldn’t even move my bowels. Not to be graphic. So I was put in massive amounts of medicine to help. I was put on a heart pill, blood pressure medicine, & vitamin D3. They told me to take on alot of Fiber. Eldorado was posting about Skinny Fiber daily. But the thought of taking anything else scared me. I couldn’t function right already & was I going to risk it again. I thought not. But then I spoke with my doctors (my dream team) and they checked it out said it was all natural & I could give it a try. My bowels started working in 5 days. Replaced 6 medicines. I also lost 6 lbs. An extra in this case for me. 1 month later I was taken off my blood pressure medicine. I was down another 17 lbs and 30 inches. I was walking and talking again in the midst of my ‘miracle’ and feeling better than ever. Only 2 months down & 38 of the 62 lbs gone, I’m am well on my way. I’m grateful to all the wonderful support that comes along with it. I feel like a nutritionist at times. Sue is such an inspiration. So…now we get to, why not get paid to share my story, cuz Skinny Fiber sells itself. And as u can see I love to talk. I spoke to my family and friends, who just like me struggle to be healthy and to lose weight. Mix the 2. Yeah, they purchased SF but trust me, I know the benefit is theirs. I love SF. I just got lucky & had no choice but to Pay It Forward. …I’m long winded, I know, but I can do that now, lol, cuz SF got my health & weight back in order.” – Aya


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Skinny Body Max

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