What’s New with Skinny Body Care?

I’ve been with Skinny Body Care since June 2011 and am consistently impressed with this  company. Not only do they have a top notch product that works, they pay on time every single week, and continually improve the ways in which we can help people. Skinny Fiber is a fabulous weight loss pill that is helping people lose weight and get healthy across the globe. While the company – Skinny Body Care – is helping people like me supplement and even replace their monthly incomes every day. I can personally attest to the fact that this company, this product, and this opportunity is truly, sincerely, and genuinely changing lives… because mine is one of them!

Ok, now on to what’s new…

Skinny Body Care launched the 90 day challenge a few months ago, but they also recently launched the accompanying Skinny Body Care 90 Challenge website! Distributors and customers can login to this website to gain access to some very powerful tools that will aid in their weight loss journey. It comes with tips on how to get started, a weight loss tracker, nutrition tips, exercise ideas, success stories, and more. It even allows you to translate it into the the language of your choice! Take a look:

Get 3 fore FREE

We’ve always had the Buy 3 Get 3 Free option, but now we have a way for you – as a Preferred Customer – to get your Skinny Fiber product FREE every single month simply by introducing 3 other people to Skinny Fiber! And this is so much easier than you think because once you start losing weight, people naturally start asking you what you’re doing. Easy peasy 🙂  Find out more here!

Skinny Fiber and Skinny Body Care continue to improve and change lives. Isn’t it your turn?

Skinny Body Max is the NEW enhanced all natural weight loss supplement that was created from the original Skinny Fiber formula. It can help you lose weight by making you feel full faster so you eat less. It may also reduce cravings, boost metabolism, burn fat, and help suppress your appetite. Order today!

Skinny Body Max

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