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Skinny Fiber 90 Day Challenge

Official Start: Monday, January 9, 2012

The whole world has already begun what we call New Year’s Resolutions. Losing weight and exercising are almost always at the top of people’s lists. If you have decided to eat healthier & start exercising in an effort to lose weight, I would love to help you accomplish your weight loss goals for 2012.

As you know, there is an AMAZING all-natural product that FLAT OUT WORKS and it’s called Skinny Fiber. The product makes you feel full faster, helps suppress your appetite and curb cravings while burning fat. Skinny Fiber also has a 30-Day Empty Bottle Return Money Back GUARANTEE.

What’s the Skinny Body Care 90-Day Challenge?

Commit to losing weight for the next 90-days by taking Skinny Fiber.

The most weight loss and body transformation documented in 90 Days WINS the Top Prize. Prizes will be awarded to those in the top 3 spots!


1. First Place is $250

2. Second Place is $75 Visa Check Card

3. Third Place is 30-Day Supply of Skinny Fiber

Skinny Body Care 90 Day Challenge Rules:

In order to qualify to win a prize:

1. You must order Skinny Fiber from this website (click here).

2. You must commit to taking Skinny Fiber, as directed, for at least 90-days.

You can order a 90-day supply up front, or place an order every 30 days. 1 bottle lasts a full 30 days, when taken as directed. The Premier Value Pack is the Best Deal because when you purchase 3 Bottles, you Get 3 FREE.

1 Bottle = $59.95 plus shipping & handling

2 Bottle Get 1 Free = $119.85 plus shipping & handling

3 Bottles Get 3 Free = $179.70 plus shipping & handling

3. You must post your starting weight and ending weight along with before and after photos or video. Again, You MUST use Skinny Fiber to participate.

The most weight loss and body transformation documented in 90 Days WINS the Top Prize: $250!

All photos, testimonials, and videos submitted automatically give Skinny Body Care and it’s Independent Distributors the right to use them in future ads, promotions, and marketing without compensation.

Here’s How to JOIN the Skinny Body Care 90-Day Challenge:

1. Place your order for Skinny Fiber by click on this link now.

2. Click here to join the 90 Day Challenge Facebook Support Group.

3. Post your pictures and starting weight. If you’re shy about posting your starting weight, that’s ok, you can share how much you want to lose.

Don’t Delay, Join the Skinny Body Care 90-Day Challenge TODAY!!!

Let’s make this FUN! Remember the more the merrier, so INVITE your friends to JOIN the challenge with you. All you have to do is send them to this page! 🙂

See you in the group!





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