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The online payment system WebMoney or WebMoney Conversion has more than 22 million users. It helps users to trade comfortably in real time. คา สิ โน ออ น ไล Being only used in Russia and in the former Soviet Union at the outset, webMoney is now a worldwide alternative to your payments.3win thai

How it performs

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It is simple to comprehend and straightforward to work. To build a WebMoney account you don’t need a bank account or a credit card. You will make payments and redeem funds after you’ve made them on the website. A variety of transactions can also be used by you. There is a list of online traders who welcome site money to ease the buying process. You can also get a prepayment card from WebMoney and enjoy an instant deposit.

Reference requirements

While you do not need a credit card or WebMoney banking account, you must bear in mind that it is not used in the international financial system because you cannot allow payments from Western Union or Paypall. WebMoney transfers that are separate from credit cards and ATMxpay cannot be retracted. You are not paid with making a deposit with respect to transaction fees. Each transaction is 0,8% of the charge of not less than 0,01WM, however. You may use WebMoney for yourself or just search the website.

Build an account / buy a card

WebMoney registration is gratuitous. You must have certain personal details and recognize the terms of use. The web money authentication scheme is quite impressive as any customer is issued with a WebMoney passport and a digital certificate containing personal details. You can receive a WebMoney ID afterwards. You are ready to finance your account by deposit, by currency, ATM or prepaid card upon completion of your enrolment.

Create a webmoney charge

You can buy items from online retailers, send and receive money quickly and securely using WebMoney. You may also deposit the money with a money order or a wire transfer on the WebMoney account.

WebMoney cash withdrawal

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Withdrawal is an alternative given to WebMoney’s customers. But be careful not to make a good deposit over the last couple of months. After 24 hours after they are accepted, you will obtain the money. The withdrawal amount depends on the currency used for the minimum and a maximum amount.

Benefits of WebMoney

Thanks to a successful anti-fraud team and the robust surveillance offered to customers, WebMoney is a fully protected payment system online. You may build several accounts in various currencies, but they must balance US Dollar, Euro or Russian Ruble. Another advantage is that you can make purchases on the go without delay if you have a mobile phone supporting Java applications. The broad range of WebMoney providers makes it one of the easiest ways of shopping and paying on-line.

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