How to Make Protein Pancakes

protein pancakesThere are many ways to get extra protein in your diet nowadays. One breakfast-friendly way is to make protein pancakes. They are super-easy to make and can be varied in so many flavorful ways. Let’s start with the basic protein pancake.

Basic Protein Pancake Recipe

While there are several varieties of protein pancakes, this recipe is a good starting point:


• ¼ cup raw oats
• ¼ cup cottage cheese
• ½ scoop vanilla protein powder
• ½ cup of egg whites.


• Blend all of the ingredients until they form a batter.
• Once the griddle is hot, pour batter onto the griddle to form two larger or three smaller cakes depending on the size of the griddle.
• Flip the pancakes once the edges start to brown.

Top with a dollop of natural peanut butter and a few sliced almonds. Nutritionally, the pancakes come in at 269 calories, 3 grams of fat, 23 grams of carbs and 35 grams of protein.

Kicking It Up a Level

From the basic protein pancake recipe, it is fun to experiment with other ingredients and toppings. For example, add blueberries or a mashed banana to the basic recipe. For an explosion of taste, add in some flaked coconut or cinnamon.

Toppings can add so much to the basic pancake recipe. Fruits, like sliced bananas, raspberries or blueberries not only add flavor, but also round out the presentation. Honey, maple syrup and any of the nut butters completes the protein offering.

The Protein Advantage

If you are trying to lose weight, protein pancakes in the morning is a great way to start your day. Protein not only fills you up, but keeps you feeling fuller longer as it takes longer to digest. Because protein takes longer to digest, it burns up more calories in the process than other easier-to-digest macronutrients, such as fat and carbohydrate. It is called the thermic effect and can burn as much as 30% of the protein calories ingested just in digesting it.

Not only does protein first thing in the morning keep your calorie down by not feeling hungry mid-morning, it kicks your metabolism into high gear and you end up burning more calories than if you would not have eaten protein. So between feeling fuller longer, the thermic effect and revving up your metabolism, protein helps you lose weight. Try a short stack of protein pancakes tomorrow morning and start your day right.

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