Is Diet Soda Bad For Weight Loss?

say-no-to-diet-sodasMany people trying to lose weight turn to diet soda as way to cut calories. But is it really a wise choice when you’re trying to lose weight?

There have been numerous studies done showing the health hazards of regular sugary sodas/soft drinks. These issues include diabetes, tooth decay, and the nearly inevitable weight gain that drinking empty calories will lead to. However, new scientific studies have shown that diet sodas cause the exact same health problems – including weight gain despite it’s “diet” status.

Scientists do not seem too sure why the body reacts to diet sodas the same way they react to the sugar-filled varieties, but they have developed a few theories.

First, there is virtually no nutritional value in diet soda. It’s a combination of chemicals developed in a lab combined with carbonated water.  If  the body doesn’t recognize what’s being ingested as food (or simply doesn’t have the ability to break down or excrete its components) it will store it in the body’s fat cells. The more you ingest a substance that it cannot break down, the more weight the body will put on as it tries to determine what to do with the chemicals that it doesn’t know what to do with.

dietsodachartOther scientist’s find that the consumption of diet soda may lead to a disruption between the taste buds and the brain. The ingestion of diet soda seems to signal overeating. Here’s how it works: your tongue receives the intense message of sweetness that comes from drinking a diet soda. It then tells your brain that it has load of calories on the way (as is the case most of the time when you ingest very sweet things).  In anticipation of the impending caloric load, the rest of your body get prepared by releasing insulin, which makes your cells ready to take in energy from the food. However, with diet soda there are little to no calories that result from it’s consumption, which leaves your body with elevated insulin levels. High insulin levels are bad for the body and your brain signals become confused with the lack of food and calories, so you get cravings and urges to overeat later in the day to make up for it.

Certain scientific studies point to an additional contributing factor when it comes to diet soda and overeating: the dulling of the ability for your taste buds to detect sweetness that leads to cravings and impulses to get sweeter and sweeter foods and beverages in order to satisfy your now insatiable sweet tooth.

No matter which of the studies you side with, it is generally best to nix all kinds of soda as you embark on your weight loss journey. This is especially true given the studies done on the artificial sweetener Aspartame, no matter how controversial they might be.  When you’re thirsty, go for good old H2O instead. Plain water can be boring to many, but you can add a little flavor by letting fresh fruit steep in a pitcher of water overnight. Yum!!

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  1. Very well said!! I agree that diet soda does not contribute in weight loss, but may cause many health hazards like diabetes,tooth decay. Thanks for pointing it out in your post.

    • Mikayla says:

      Yes, it’s unfortunate that so many people have turned to diet soda with good intentions only to find themselves with these health issues. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, Ashley!

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