How to Go Paleo

paleo grubsWhen I first heard about the Paleo Diet, I though to myself “Why would anyone in their right mind want to eat like a caveman?” We have wonderfully delicious, lip-smacking foods available on everywhere all over the world. Our Paleolithic ancestors did not have so many options and so much convenience. Sweet, savory, salty delights can be purchased inexpensively, without us having to spend hours in our kitchen. Our cave dwelling predecessors also didn’t have near the choice we have in selecting something to eat. Times were simpler then.

So why in the world would you choose a Stone Age diet when there are so many eating options available? The answer is simple too. The incidence rates of cancer and heart disease have increased dramatically, right alongside the advent of modern agriculture and food processing.

Just because food is convenient, inexpensive, or tasty does not mean it is necessarily healthy.

There are chemicals, steroids, artificial flavors, preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients added to most processed food. These additions are not made in the name of health. They are made in the name of profits, intentionally forming dangerous addictions to unhealthy food so you keep coming back for more.

Cavemen did not have a McDonald’s and Starbucks on every street corner, fortunately for them. They didn’t even have streets, now that I think about it,  but you get my point.

When a Paleolithic man or woman needed to eat, they hunted. They foraged. They ate natural foods, made healthy by mother nature. They didn’t have to worry about additives, refined sugar, salt, preservatives and other chemical nasties ruining their health and well-being.

The reason for returning to a more natural approach to meeting your nutritional needs has everything to do with your health.

Human beings are more overweight and obese than ever before, especially in the United States We suffer from more heart disease, cancer and chronic diseases now than at any other time in human history. Nutrition experts, doctors, and researchers now understand this is directly tied to the unhealthy processed and fast food diet which so many people unfortunately follow.

starter kit promoOur Going Paleo Starter Kit could be a literal lifesaver for someone.

It explains exactly what the paleo diet is, and the advantages and benefits it offers over traditional diets. You will learn exactly what you can and cannot eat when you grub out like a caveman. You will also discover delicious fats which are part of this healthy nutrition plan.

The Paleolithic relationship to losing weight is included, and you will find out if grains, beans and dairy products are a part of this nutritious lifestyle. Finally, we take you by the hand and show you exactly how to transition, quickly or slowly, to a healthy paleo approach to eating.

The Paleo Diet is hugely popular for a reason – it’s less about counting calories and more about changing to a healthy lifestyle.  The Going Paleo Starter Kit shows you how to make the transition in a way you can sustain! Click Here to Get Free Access Now.

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