How to Decide if You Should Join a Gym

Join a gymIn addition to a healthy diet, exercise is one of the best ways to lose weight. Working out has also been credited with reducing stress and leading to better health overall. But should you join a gym? It can be challenging to decide whether to exercise at home or join a gym. Here are a few tips that can help you decide whether you should join a gym or not:

Things to Consider When Deciding to Join A Gym…

Location, location, location. It’s got to be convenient. If you’re going hit the gym and commit to those workouts, the gym has to be close to your home or work (or both). You need to be able to toss your gym bag in the car and go, without talking yourself out of it because it’s “too far.”

Can you try it for free? Most gyms allow you to get a free one day pass, or at least a discounted trial membership. This allows you to try the gym before making the financial commitment. You may want to make you like it before you join.

What are the costs? Most gyms charge both a sign up fee and a monthly membership fee. The sign up fee can be quite costly (depending on the gym and the package) so be sure to check out all of the options. Some plans include all of the activities the gym offers (equipment, classes, tanning, massage, etc.) while other plans may require you pay for the amenities separately.

When can you workout? The hours of operation have to fit into your schedule. If a gym closes early or opens late, it may not fit your work schedule and that will make it difficult for you to workout. You don’t need this to become another excuse reason why you didn’t get your workout in. Make sure the hours are good for you.

Do they have trainers? Trainers can ensure you get the most out of your workouts. It is always possible that you can figure out how to work the fitness equipment by yourself, but the additional help and recommendations can be very useful.

Work out at homeIf You Decide NOT to Join A Gym…

You’ve got to make time. It can be hard if you don’t have a class at the gym on your schedule or a personal trainer appointment to keep, but you have to hold yourself accountable. You need to dedicate the days and times each week that you plan on working out and stick to it.

You’ve got to monitor your own form. Make sure you research each of the exercises you plan on doing so you know the correct form. Using improper form can yield little or no results, so be sure you don’t waste your own time and efforts.

Consider investing in equipment. Many beginner exercises can be done without any special equipment and with free online workout video programs like Daily Hiit and Blogilates, you don’t really need any extras. However, if you want to make the most of your fitness goals, investing in a treadmill, an eliptical,  or at the very least a set of good hand weights is a great idea.

I hope these tips helped you decide whether joining a gym is the right thing for you. There are some great, affordable gym options these days with clubs like Chuze Fitness & Planet Fitness that only charge $10/month… it’s not just about 24 Hour Fitness & Bally’s anymore. 😉

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