Frequently Asked Questions

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1 – How often should I take Skinny Fiber? What is the dosage?

The recommended daily dose is to take two (2) capsules with at least 8 ounces of water (a full glass) or other liquid 30 minutes before meals. It is best to choose your two biggest meals of the day. I personally recommend that those who are just starting to use the product should begin taking it as recommended.  Some Skinny Fiber users have found that they prefer to take the product only once a day, while others increase their intake to three times a day (before all three meals).  It is best to try the product as recommended first to see what is best for you.

2 – Do I have to diet while taking Skinny Fiber?

No, you do not have to diet while taking Skinny Fiber. However, healthy eating habits are encouraged and strongly recommended for your overall health. Skinny Fiber, when taken as directed, will make you feel full faster, so you will naturally eat less.  The product also works to burn fat, gently boosts metabolism, reduces fat absorption, and flushes toxins. Many people continue to eat the foods they usually eat while taking Skinny Fiber and still lose weight. If you choose to diet while taking Skinny Fiber or simply make healthier food choices, you will likely increase the amount of weight you lose and/or the speed at which you lose it.

3 – Do I have to exercise while taking Skinny Fiber?

No, you do not need to exercise while taking Skinny Fiber. However, exercise is encouraged and strongly encouraged for your overall health.  If you choose to exercise while taking Skinny Fiber, you will likely increase the amount of weight you lose and/or the speed at which you lose it.

4 – Do I have to drink water while on Skinny Fiber?

No, you can drink any liquid as long as you drink  at least 8 ounces (a full glass) after you take your Skinny Fiber (this is very important!).  Increasing your water intake, however, is encouraged because it assists in flushing toxins, keeping you hydrated, and aiding in your overall weight loss efforts. Try to set a goal for increasing your water intake to 32 – 64 ounces throughout the day. That is about 3 – 4 regular sized (16 ounce) water bottles.

5 – I’m taking Skinny Fiber and have noticed that I’m going to the bathroom more often, is this normal?

Yes. Some people notice an increase in the number of bowel movement they have each day when they start taking Skinny Fiber. This change is due to the increased fiber you are consuming. The product is also fluxing toxins out of your system, which can result in more frequent bowel movements as well.  Most Skinny Fiber users indicate this effect normalizes after taking the product for awhile and will result in a more regular bowel movement schedule after a few days.

6 – I’m taking Skinny Fiber and have noticed a slight stomachache after I eat, why?

A few people who have reported stomach discomfort after eating while taking Skinny Fiber. This is usually due to overeating. It is important to pay attention to the queues from your body while taking Skinny Fiber. The product, when taken as directed, swells in your stomach which creates less room for the food you are eating. This generally results in people eating less, however, people who eat fast may not notice they are full until after it’s too late… and then they feel overly full creating some discomfort. It actually takes about 20 minutes for your brain to register that your stomach is full, so try to eat slower so that you can stop eating before any discomfort sets in.

7 – I’m not hungry at all after I take Skinny Fiber, should I still eat?

Yes, especially if you had signs of hunger prior to taking Skinny Fiber or if you haven’t eaten in awhile. One of the ways Skinny Fiber works is by swelling in your stomach after you take it with water (or another liquid).  It also decreases your appetite and cravings, so it is not uncommon for that hungry feeling to pass within those 30 minutes after you take Skinny Fiber and when you are supposed to eat. You should still eat, but will likely not want to finish the entire meal because you’re not very hungry and will feel full faster.

It is important not to skip meals because your body still requires nutrition. Skipping meals can trick your body into going into “starvation mode” which actually triggers your brain to store fat, actually hindering your weight loss efforts. Try and make healthy food choices when you do eat and simply stop eating when you’re full.  If you find that your appetite has decreased so much that you have no desire to eat at all, you may want to reduce your dosage to taking the product only once a day (before your largest meal) or perhaps only one (1) capsule twice per day and then see how you feel. I do not recommend skipping meals.

8 – I’m taking my Skinny Fiber as directed and I haven’t lost any weight yet, why?

People lose weight at different rates and in different ways.  Some people find that they start dropping pounds during their first week, while others take a little longer. It took me 10 days before I saw my first 4 lb. weight loss when I started taking Skinny Fiber.

It is also strongly advised that you take some measurements before you start taking Skinny Fiber as well, not just your weight in pounds. I recommend you measure your waist/stomach, hips, chest, each leg, and each arm.  Some people measure their necks as well.  Many, many people have found that they lose inches before they lose pounds and it is not uncommon to see a more dramatic loss in inches rather than in pounds (especially around your waist and stomach).  If you’re not sure how to take your measurements, here’s  a video I found that should help.

I highly recommend that you continue to take your Skinny Fiber for at least 3-4 weeks. Try not to get discouraged if you do not see immediate results.

Remember, you have a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your first product purchase, you may send back the unused portion of the product within thirty (30) days of the original purchase date. The Skinny Body Care company will refund 100% of your purchase price (less shipping & handling). You can find the product return addresses here.  Please Note: If your first Skinny Fiber product purchase is returned after the thirty (30) day period, no refund will be given.

9 – What does it mean to be a Preferred Customer?

Preferred Customers are presented with the option to receive an additional 10% off their order by being placed on autoshipment (i.e. automatic monthly shipments of Skinny Fiber). The only way to receive the additional 10% discount on your first order is to sign up for autoshipment, however you can cancel or modify your autoshipment schedule at anytime. This is clearly stated during the order process. The product cost is $59.95, plus shipping and handling. Preferred Customers get the product for the discount price of $53.95.

Here’s how to cancel or postpone your autoshipment:

  1. Click here to go to the Skinny Body Care website.
  2. Click on “Login Help” where it says “Member Login”
  3. Put in the email address you used when you placed your Skinny Fiber order and then click on “Recover Password.”
  4. The system will then email you your customer username & password.
  5. Go back the the SBC website and login with that username/password under “Member Login”
  6. Click on the “Autoship” link on the left.
  7. Click on “Change Settings” to modify your autoshipment date or “Cancel” to cancel your next order.

10 – I’m already a Preferred Customer and I love Skinny Fiber! Can I upgrade to Distributor and get paid for sharing the product with others?

Yes! You can become a Skinny Body Care distributor for a one-time registration fee of $10. The company will give you $8 back on the first Friday of next month (it’s actually called your “Powerline Bonus”). This means your net cost to become a distributor will actually only be $2! When you become a distributor, you also get FREE websites to share the products and the opportunity with others. This allows you to earn a commission when someone you share Skinny Fiber with buys it from one of your websites. We’ll teach you everything that you need to know, so don’t worry if you don’t have experience. And don’t worry if you are not good at selling – I’m not either. If I can do this, anybody can!

Here’s how you upgrade from Preferred Customer to Distributor:

  1. Click here to go to the Skinny Body Care website.
  2. Click on “Login Help” where it says “Member Login”
  3. Put in the email address you used when you placed your Skinny Fiber order and then click on “Recover Password.”
  4. The system will then email you your customer username & password.
  5. Go back the the SBC website and login with that username/password under “Member Login”
  6. Click on the “Upgrade to Distributor” link on the left.
  7. Once submitted, your credit card will be charged $10 and your back office will be upgraded.

If you’re not a Preferred Customer but want to become a Skinny Body Care distributor, click here!

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