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edietseDiets: What is It and is It Worth the Cost?

eDiets is among the most popular weight loss programs you can find online. It has a really large number of members (over 1.3 million people) and is still growing. If you want to lose weight and are wondering if eDiets is for you, read on to find out more.

This dieting program was founded in 1996, and has many famous members including popular artist CeeLo Green. Although it used to be a subscription-based dieting program, where you pay a subscription fee for diet plans, recipes, email assistance, and access to some online tools, eDiets now focuses on providing food delivery services to their clients.

eDiets’ Diet Smart Weight Loss Plan

eDiets has concentrated on providing clients with their Diet Smart Diet Food Delivery Service. To obtain their services, you have to sign up and choose your food delivery plan. The 3 main plans you can choose from are as below:

1) The 14-day plan includes personalized fresh meals delivered to you for 14 days, free online dieting tools, access to registered dieticians, full access to the eDiets’ member’s website, toning and exercise tools, and an insulated tote bag for carrying your meals. You can also access eDiets’ VIP phone line service. Costs $21.43 per day.

2) The 7-day plan includes a 7 day meal delivery service, free online weight loss tools, access to dieticians and full access to the member’s website. Costs $25.71 per day.

3) The 3-day plan includes a 3 day meal delivery service, and all other features in the 7 day plan. Costs $30 per day.

While on the eDiets’ food delivery service, you’ll be provided with professionally designed meals to help you lose weight. Plus, there are over 120 meals you can choose from, including desserts. However, the meal delivery services can be too pricey for some.

Non-Meal Delivery Plans

ediet-foodYou can also choose to subscribe to eDiets’ non-meal delivery plans, where you pay a monthly membership fee. There are numerous plans that you can choose including eDiets Personalized plan, Mediterranean Diet plan, Vegetarian Diet plan, and more. On these plans, you’ll be given a personalized diet plan, and have access to eDiets’ professional support group. These membership plans cost around $20 a month.

eDiets also give you a weight loss guarantee and if you don’t lose weight in 6 months, they give you 6 months free membership, which is great. eDiets is definitely a viable way of losing weight especially for beginners who want to learn how to make healthy food choices. However, if you find their plans to be too costly or do not like the food they offer, eDiets may not be the solution for you. Skinny Fiber is always a great weight loss solution. The product is all natural, offers a 30-day money back guarantee, costs less than $2 a day, and can also be a nice compliment to any diet plan.

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