Eating Enough Protein? The 5 Signs of a Protein-Poor Diet

protein4You know that protein plays an important part in every one of your internal systems. When you don’t give your body something that it needs, something goes wrong.

When you eat too much sugar and processed foods, you become overweight or obese.

When you eat a predominantly plant-based diet, lean meats, whole grains and healthy fats, you regulate a naturally healthy body weight.  So all you have to do is give your body what it needs.

In terms of protein, how do you know you are getting enough? Not everyone is going to take the time to weigh their food and figure out exactly how much protein they are getting.

Never fear, help is here.

If you display the following 5 signs, you are probably not eating enough protein.

1 – You are weak when you exercise – Protein repairs your muscles after you work out. If your body doesn’t have enough protein, exercising, running, lifting weights or performing any other strenuous activity can actually be counterproductive, since your body isn’t able to repair itself properly.

2 – You have fat were used to have muscle – This goes back to the whole “protein creates muscle” recipe. When your body does not find enough protein to power all of its internal processes, it steals protein from your muscles. This turns muscle to fat when you don’t eat enough protein.

3 – You are tired when you normally shouldn’t be – When you first wake up in the morning, it is natural to feel groggy and tired. However, if you are frequently tired after no physical exertion, you may need to eat more protein.

4 – You are losing your hair – Stress can cause problems with your hair and skin. As it turns out, a lack of protein can cause skin problems, and can even cause your hair to fall out.

5 – It takes you a long time to recover after injury – Protein is crucial for building new tissue. If you suffer some simple injury and don’t recover quickly, a lack of protein could be the answer.

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