Curb Your Cravings to Live More Healthfully

Food cravingsWe’ve all had food carvings at one time or another. Cravings can come in the form of an undeniable desire for a salty snack, a longing for something sweet, or the desire to have a burger with all the trimmings, including cheese, bacon, mayo, and more. To put it simply, food and drink cravings are a part of everyone’s life.

We all know that over-indulging in sweet treats and alcoholic beverages are not good for us. Unless you’ve been living on a different planet, you’ve heard about the many studies detailing the harmful effects of certain kinds of foods can have on our overall health. So why do we still get cravings for them?

There are many reasons why we crave certain foods.

Food cravings are unlike physical hunger, which develops over time. Cravings come out of the blue and can strike you quickly. They can be triggered by many things like stress, boredom, emotions or just the scent or sight of certain foods.

Some believe cravings are psychological while others believe they are brought on by nutritional deficiencies in our daily diet. Emotional stressors can cause cravings of certain comfort foods while a physical addiction to foods or ingredients, like sugar may be to blame.

Junk food manufacturers and advertisers have learned to tap into our need for certain foods. Manufacturers have learned to create products that fill our need for salty or sugary foods. Advertisers have used our trigger points as a way to sell us more to feed our food cravings.

However, the blame can’t be put onto manufacturers and advertisers alone. There are several reasons why we crave certain foods. In this report, we’ll look at what’s causing our cravings and how we can control them as well as specific alternatives to try instead of the specific food.

This series will also discuss the harmful effects food cravings can have on our bodies and how you can curb your cravings to live more healthfully.

Are you ready? Then be sure to check back here tomorrow for the first part: what causes food cravings?

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