Skinny Spotlight: Megan

I’d like to introduce you to Megan. She is another satisfied Skinny Fiber user who is not only looking great, but feeling great too!


This is Megan’s story, in her own words: [Read more…]

Skinny Spotlight: Courtney

Courtney is doing AMAZING on Skinny Fiber!


Here is her testimonial in her own words…

“The girl in my before pic was sad and had given up on herself. I had sleep apnea and would wake up numerous times a night gasping for air. Being a single parent, my worst fear was my boys finding me dead. I am crying as I type this because my whole world has changed.

After only 4 months of low carb eating and Skinny Fiber (no exercise), I have lost 56 pounds and I am NOT done yet. [Read more…]

Skinny Update: Aya

I posted Aya’s testimonial and before & after pics a couple months ago.  She just shared a new pic, so I wanted to share it with you! She’s doing wonderful!!!


Here’s a new testimonial from her as well 🙂 [Read more…]

Skinny Spotlight: Veronica

This is Veronica Howard and her 5 month picture with Skinny Fiber: 30 lbs & 27″ gone!

“I thought it was time to show you, what Skinny fiber has done for me, I was a skeptic just like many of you, I watched in a group for a while before I ordered because I had tried everything on the market, lost and gained many times.

I was at my highest weight and getting depressed, When I met Bobbi , a distributor, and finally ordered, I gave up soda and started eating healthy, eating breakfast which I never did, added more vegetables to every meal, I always had a never ending appetite but skinny fiber took care of that, It really fills you up so you eat less, I drink a lot of water, don’t eat junk food and limit my carbs, I have done very little exercise, I know my results would be even better if I did

I feel so much better, the first thing I noticed is I was sleeping better, no more getting up sitting at table unable to sleep at night, and my energy was better but no jitters, I feel so much better emotionally too, that’s hard to explain but I think it helped my hormones, If I can do this so can you, The only thing I wish is that I would of tried it sooner, I have a ways to go but this is my journey and with sf and this group I will get there!!!

This is at my 5 month mark 30 lbs gone, 27″ gone

Oh and my Doctor totally approved Skinny Fiber!!!” – Veronica

Skinny Spotlight: Michele

Here is another satisfied Skinny Fiber user! Michele is doing great on Skinny Fiber and looking fabulous. Check out her testimonial:

“I wanted to share my personal testimonial with everyone. I was always thin and could eat anything that I wanted, that is until the dreaded perimenopause started to set in and slowly my weight began to go up and especially in the belly area. I would try to cut back on what I was eating and try to get in more exercise but I just kept gaining. I tried a few different supplements that were supposed to help with belly fat, but still to no avail. Then one day I received an email about a product called Skinny Fiber. Already being a regular supplement taker of vitamins and such and being relatively health conscious, right away I liked the fact that this product seemed different than the other weight loss products on the market. First, it was all natural with no chemical stimulants and no other unnecessary additives or fillers and such. I researched the three main ingredients and was very impressed with the health benefits of each aside from helping with weight loss. Then as an added bonus there were digestive enzymes added to help the body become healthier and better able to be in a position to start losing the weight. I loved that it had a natural detox and cleansing effect on the body.

So, I decided why not give it a shot? Even if I didn’t lose the weight, I felt I would be taking something that would be beneficial to my health in the long run. So, I started taking it, and to be honest at first I wasn’t even taking it as directed and slowly I noticed my clothes becoming looser and the number on the scale going down and people were asking me if I was losing weight! My cravings started to diminish and I had more energy. I told my husband “either this stuff works, or I might be sick or something.” Thankfully, it was the former!

I know that there are others who may not have had the success with weight loss that they would have liked in the past in spite of their best efforts. Sometimes we all need a little help and I can in good conscious recommend this product to you wholeheartedly if you have been looking for something to jump start your health and weight loss efforts. It is not a magic pill and of course it will not work overnight, but if taken consistently and persistently as directed and you are really ready to make a change in your life, I believe you will be pleased! =^..^=” ~ Michele


Skinny Spotlight: Mendy

Mendy finished her 90 day challenge today and she did awesome! No exercise and minor changes to her diet, yet she lost 36 inches (12 inches off of her waist alone!) and 10 pounds!! Skinny Fiber works!!

“So today is the last day of my 90 Day Challenge. I am floored! I just put my measurements from this morning in and it told me I lost 10 lbs and 36 inches! I am amazed! Looking at myself, I could not tell! Measuring is the sure way to track your progress! I am Skinny Fiber for life! When I first started taking Skinny Fiber in April, I thought, no way is this gonna work. I took it off and on my first month, (I was not good at taking pills on a schedule) Just recently I set 2 alarms on my cell phone, to remind me to take it on a schedule. So I was taking 4 a day, 2 before lunch, 2 before dinner. I thought I would bump it up to 6 a day, a few days ago, just to see if it made a difference. Looking at my measurements difference within the last week, I totally see a change! I lost even more! And also, my anxiety and insomnia that I have suffered with for years, has greatly improved! I feel more relaxed and I can get enough sleep during the night! [Read more…]

Skinny Spotlight: Ms. Zetooney

Here’s another incredible testimonial from Ms. Zetooney.

“Ok y’all here it is here is my testimony. This is my 120 day Journey. I started at 153 pounds. I am hypothyroid and I have a problem with weight gain and energy. I have taken every diet product on the planet and either they made me feel sick or too jittery. Then one day on a friends page I came across skinny fiber. I was like Hmmmm well what the heck it doesn’t cost a million dollars and its all natural and this will be my last diet product I do so let’s try it!!! Well after the first week I had more energy and was feeling back to my old self!!! I was eating a heck of a lot less cause I felt soooo full!!! I was able to do things again that I had to like drink a bunch of energy drinks and coffees to get the oompf to do it!! Also was constantly moving and incorporating yoga into my everyday regimen the weight started to come off! I couldn’t believe it……skinny fiber works!!!!!!! It really really works!!! Finally I am 118 pounds w 6inches off my belly and some muscles and feeling great and confident and even had the courage to buy a Victoria’s Secret bathing suit for the summer. Thank you soooo much skinny fiber!!! I’m a believer!!! The proof is in the pudding y’all!!!! I am ready beach!!!!! Leeggo!!” – Ms. Zetooney

Skinny Fiber Testimonial

Skinny Spotlight: Tamara

Here’s another before and after picture from a satisfied Skinny Fiber user! Tamara finished her 90 day challenge and looks great 🙂  Her testimonial is short and sweet: “37lbs and 32.5 inches gone!” -Tamara


Skinny Spotlight: Franchesca

Here is another testimonial from the beautiful Franschesca! Check it out:

“YES SKINNY FIBER WORKS & YES ITS NATURAL & YES IT DOES HELP!! Total Lost 47lbs and last count of inches was a loss of 68 inches of total body!! Down 4 FULL DRESS SIZES!! Cholesterol dropped 350 points, Blood Pressure dropped from 136/92 to 112/78 and I’m still doing Workout challenges, Zumba Dancing and Working MY HEALTHY LIFE PLAN!!

My journey has been interesting. I’ve tried everything in the book………But I got some help from Personal Trainers and Skinny Fiber and I made the decision to stick with it. I was hurt by people who took advantage of my kindness and became an emotional eater, comfort foods became my vice since I cook and bake everything from scratch. I picked up weight and hypertension (152/110 the highest my blood pressure has ever been). Something had to change! So, I made a decision to let the hurt go, speak life over myself and over my circumstances to get better, be better and encourage others. I’m still not where I want to be, but I’m soooo excited about where I’ve come. That picture that you see before you is my testimony and my journey. The highlight was being able to get back into wearing Boots! YES I LOVE SHOES!! LOL! Thank you for allowing me to share my story! Skinny Fiber and Workouts are the Truth.” – Franchesca


Skinny Spotlight: Christina P

Check out Christina’s results! Many people have reported that Skinny Fiber burns the belly fat first, removes toxins, and cleans the gut of waste leaving a trimmer tummy. Christina’s pictures show just that…

“She says: “My 3 week results!! I am so thankful I made the decision to try this. I have tried everything to lose weight! I have a cupboard full of supplements loaded with nasty caffeine, stimulants, and chemicals!! That didn’t work! I have had my thyroid tested it came back ok.. I begged my Dr to help me! Hated how I looked! Who knew something natural could work so well!! They definitely found the key to successful weight loss.. FINALLY! My depression is gone, my skin is clear, I sleep better, have more energy, my IBS is gone, my muffin top is gone!! You could only imagine how many different prescriptions I have been on for each and every one of those things! To the GARBAGE CAN they go! YES! :)” – Christina P.

Christina P.

Skinny Spotlight: Aya

This testimonial brought tears to my eyes because it is just so amazing. Check it out…

“I’d sing it off rooftops if anyone would listen…

So…in September I almost died from a doctor’s mistake. My nervous system, digestive system, & my kidneys shut down. My heart was failing, & through this whole ordeal I gained an extra 62 lbs in 1.5 mos. So the effects caused me not to be able to walk, talk, or even be able to feed myself. I had violent tremors. I couldn’t even move my bowels. Not to be graphic. So I was put in massive amounts of medicine to help. I was put on a heart pill, blood pressure medicine, & vitamin D3. They told me to take on alot of Fiber. Eldorado was posting about Skinny Fiber daily. But the thought of taking anything else scared me. I couldn’t function right already & was I going to risk it again. I thought not. But then I spoke with my doctors (my dream team) and they checked it out said it was all natural & I could give it a try. My bowels started working in 5 days. Replaced 6 medicines. I also lost 6 lbs. An extra in this case for me. 1 month later I was taken off my blood pressure medicine. I was down another 17 lbs and 30 inches. I was walking and talking again in the midst of my ‘miracle’ and feeling better than ever. Only 2 months down & 38 of the 62 lbs gone, I’m am well on my way. I’m grateful to all the wonderful support that comes along with it. I feel like a nutritionist at times. Sue is such an inspiration. So…now we get to, why not get paid to share my story, cuz Skinny Fiber sells itself. And as u can see I love to talk. I spoke to my family and friends, who just like me struggle to be healthy and to lose weight. Mix the 2. Yeah, they purchased SF but trust me, I know the benefit is theirs. I love SF. I just got lucky & had no choice but to Pay It Forward. …I’m long winded, I know, but I can do that now, lol, cuz SF got my health & weight back in order.” – Aya


Skinny Spotlight: Kim

Kim is another great testimonial for Skinny Fiber. It’s incredible how fantastic she looks now! And she did it all by taking Skinny Fiber and going on a 1,200 calories/100 carbs/day diet.

Wanted to share this with you. I never thought I’d ever feel like me again. Skinny fiber has forever changed me mind, body and soul. Having Pcos, heart problems and an allergy to caffeine made it impossible to lose weight and even my doctors were not very optimistic about me losing. Once I saw the info on skinny fiber I took it in to my doctor and had it approved (with my heart everything has to be approved) and both my doctors said go for it. Well now my doctors are so excited for me and my health!!! I no longer take any medication, have normal cycles (before because of my pcos I had maybe 2 times a year) and feel better than I did in my 20s and will be 40 in February!!!! Thanks so much to my skinny fiber!!!!“- Kim


Skinny Spotlight: Heather P.

I shared a testimonial from Heather J. a few weeks ago and I have yet another beautiful Heather to share with you!

“I’ve lost 40 lbs and over 60 inches.. Dave’s lost 9 lbs and 20 inches.. U can really see it in our faces! Loving life! It’s so hard to believe that’s me in the bottom right but I’m the one who took the picture today so it’s surreal.” – Heather P.

Heather P

Skinny Spotlight: Shawna

Here’s another testimonial from a satisfied Skinny Fiber names Shawna. She looks fantastic!

“I’m a 29 year old disabled veteran with knee and back problems. After my daughter was born the pounds crept on- seemed like whenever she cries I want to stuff my face full of junk food. Totally an emotional eater if you didn’t guess! I’m so thankful for skinny fiber! It keeps me feeling full so I don’t over eat and has helped me lose 20 pounds! I went from a size 20 to a comfy 16- even some 14’s. My #1 tip is to make sure you are drinking enough water- 2oz for every 5lbs you weigh. If you are on the fence about trying skinny fiber- take the plunge its amazing!” – Shawn Shawna

Skinny Spotlight: Ruben

Hey fellas – don’t let the pink bottle fool you! It’s not just for women – it’s works on men too! Check out Ruben’s testimonial:

“I was uncomfortable and embarrassed to be overweight. I didn’t feel good and I did not look good. I tried controlling my eating, doing some exercising and basically tackling my weight on my own. I had even done other weight loss products in the past, but just could not stay on task or reduce my weight with what I was doing. In fact, I was still gaining weight.

One day I look at myself in the mirror and I said I have to do something about this weight, that’s when I turned to Skinny Fiber. I started seeing results quickly. I started taking Skinny Fiber on Nov. 1st 2012 at 285lbs. Today I’m at 210lbs It is really a great feeling to have people say to me, “You look great” or “Wow, you really lost weight”. When they ask me what I did, I tell them.
I’m taking SKINNY FIBER!!! One important thing realized from all of this is that it does not matter how much weight you want to lose or need to lose, you can lose it with Skinny Fiber!!! I Take two capsules 30 minutes before lunch and 30 minutes before dinner with a full glass of water. I love SKINNY FIBER!!!” – Ruben


Skinny Spotlight: Heather J.

Heather is one of my biggest inspirations right now! Once weighing 378 pounds, she lost 150 pounds doing Atkins only to gain it back years later after losing her precious mother. But Heather doesn’t give up! She lost the weight again, then hit a plateau that wouldn’t budge until she found Skinny Fiber. She’s lost 22 pounds to date taking Skinny Fiber and following the Atkins diet… and she is still going strong! Isn’t she beautiful? 🙂  Here’s her personal testimonial:

My Name is Heather, I’m 31 year’s old… I weighted 378 pounds, and I was not happy… I was sad, depressed, not confident.. I couldn’t walk without being out of breath… Something had to change… I found Atkins and the pounds started coming off… I stopped drinking soda, stopped eating pasta, stopped eating breads, and candy etc… I lost 150 pounds… the lowest I got was 227.. Kept it there..

In 2010 my mother passed away, I lost myself in food again. I didn’t care what I ate, or didn’t eat.. I just didn’t care about myself anymore.. This went on from October 2010 until July 2011.. I knew I was going to end up at 378 again if not more….

I started back up on Atkins AGAIN, and I started leslie Sanson dvd’s .. Walk it out on the wii, I just took it day by day… and I lost 195 …. I was weighing between 184 and 193 for 2-3 months.. And no matter what I tried, or didn’t try didn’t matter.. I was still the same weight…

My friends were on something called Skinny fiber, and I saw their results, and I was like, what, really? What can it hurt to give it a try? Nothing.. I could lose nothing but weight. So I bought a bottle.. In my first 2 days I lost 4 pounds.. And I was thinking?! What.. No way wow… I tried it a few more days, by 13 days, I had lost 14 pounds… yep that’s right! .. So I started selling Skinny Fiber… & the rest well it’s not written yet 🙂 still working on losing the rest of my weight! 😉 But 4 weeks on Skinny Fiber & I am down 22 pounds, not sure about my inches I haven’t checked yet… but from my before & after pictures you can see, I”VE LOST A LOT!!! in just 4 weeks!!!!!

So for a total weight loss of 202-205 pounds 195 with Atkins and working out 6 days a week.. And 22 pounds with Atkins, & skinny fiber, not working out the past 4 weeks.” – Heather J.

Heather J1 [Read more…]

Skinny Spotlight: Gail

Here’s another testimony from a happy Skinny Fiber user. Gail looks fabulous after dropping a few dress sizes thanks to this product. Check out her testimonial:

Okay here’s my results after taking skinny fiber for 5 and a half months. I was consistent and had the proper intake of water. All I did was take 2 capsules 2 times a day 30 minutes before my 2 biggest meals of the day with plenty of water though out the day!! I think this should be proof enough that Skinny Fiber works!! – Gail


Skinny Spotlight: Victoria

Here’s another Skinny Fiber testimonial 🙂

“♥ I decided to make a major lifestyle change in September of 2012. After years of trying to lose weight to only gain the weight back. I was just tired of it all and losing motivation. I have always been a pretty confident person but as time went on I felt myself putting on more and more weight.I found not only a remarkable one of a kind diet product but also a support team of wonderful people who were dedicated to helping me reach my goal. With a simple to follow plan of two capsules two times a day and helpful tips from my support group, weight loss has been simple to obtain.

Here’s a before picture in 2011 weighting 260 lbs. The second one I took in January 6,2013 .Wow! I’m never going back to the unhappy person I was in the first picture! Looking back on pictures I have no idea how I could let it get so out of control. There are many days where I start to doubt myself but then I see or feel the little changes on my body or my clothes gives me good news. This is my new life…” -Victoria


Skinny Spotlight: Roger

Wow. This Skinny Fiber testimonial is one I simply had to share. Roger looks AMAZING and his story is so inspiring. Check it out:

“Sitting on my couch one day, something really odd happened to me, sugar spike, vision, whatever…but I saw my more than 350 pound body laying in a casket, and my children crying…some man walks up and says to my children, “The sad thing is, he did not even try to change it”..Tears in my eyes, i put on my shoes and started a Journey that day that I determined was going to change the whole course of my life!!

I tried every diet pill, bought every workout video, and even tried fasting entire days to lose the weight..I remember that overwhelming feeling of, this is so IMPOSSIBLE!! The picture says 321 but the truth is guys, when I got on the scale day one, it went to 300 pounds and stopped. I was to heavy for the scales to weight me! So I had worked out and dieted for over a month before I got on a quarter scale at the flying J and that day it said 321 pounds, so I counted that as my starting point.

I got to 289 pounds by walking miles a day and starving myself but I refused to give up or give in. I was determined I would make it to my goal but I simply could not lose weight, I had hit that wall! I started a diet that was given to me by a doctor and the weight just started falling off but still yet I got to a point that I could not lose another pound…Then came Skinny fiber, I COULD NOT believe how I felt full all the time!! The hunger was finally gone! In one week I dropped 11 pounds and almost two inches off my stomach!” – Roger H.

Roger H - Skinny Fiber Testimonial

Still wondering if Skinny Fiber REALLY works?  What are you waiting for?

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Skinny Spotlight: CJ Walker

Here’s another Skinny Fiber testimonial! CJ hasn’t been 100% consistent with taking the product in the past, but her results are still awesome. She’s taking the 90 Day Challenge now, so I’m sure she’s going to reach her goal in no time! Check it out:

“I have been on SF since around Sept 13th & I love it, my results aren’t as good as all the others but considering all I do is take 2 twice a day, drink water & exercise every now and then, I think they are great. Since around Nov 21st right before when my mom came to visit I have fell off track and hardly exercised and ate just about everything including pizza AT LEAST once a week. I was on phentermine for 4 months before Skinny fiber and only lost 6 lbs. Since starting Skinny Fiber I have so far went from 191-174 and a size 16 down to a 13 (pre pregnancy size) and now they are so loose I can pull them off with out in buttoning or unzipping. I wish i would have tracked my inches with these results but now I am doing the 90 day challenge and can track it for free. I feel I have more energy, less moody, less headaches, monthly cramps aren’t as bad, the list goes on…” – CJ Walker