New 90 Day Challenge Starts April 4th

90 day challengeThe New Year’s fairy dust has completely settled and spring is here! Are you still committed to getting fit and healthy? If you need to hit the reset button, it’s the perfect time because we’re starting a new 90 Day Challenge on Monday, April 4th. This challenge will take you smack dab in the middle of summer, so now is the time if you’re ready to start thinking about beach weather and bikinis.

The Skinny Body Max 90 Day Challenge is sweet and simple: Commit to taking the all natural NEW Skinny Body Max every day consistently, as directed, for a full 90 days. We also recommend that you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine as well. I have some bonuses waiting for you that will help you with that stuff (see below)!

It’s a pretty sweet deal. You lose weight, win a T-shirt and Certificate, and get a chance to win $1,000 cash!


Here’s my recommendation when it comes to purchasing your product for this challenge.

Buy2 Get 1Option #1 – BUY 2 GET 1 FREE

Easiest Option: Each bottle contains a full 30 day supply. Since this option gives you three bottle total, you’ll have a full 90 day supply. With this option, you’re all set and ready to rock this challenge.


Option #2 – BUY 1 Bottle with Autoship

Budget Option: So you’re on a budget and the easy option is not affordable right now. No worries, I’ve been there. This option gets you get your first bottle to get you started AND the autoship option ensures you do not run out during your challenge (trust me, running out will ruin your consistency goal!). Of course, autoship is totally optional and you cancel it at anytime. With this option, you’re ready to rock on April 4th but you should also make a promise to yourself not to forget to reorder so you don’t run out. Set a reminder on your phone now. No excuses. 🙂

HiBurn8Option #3 – BUY 3 GET 3

Go All Out Option: Get a full 90 days supply of BOTH our NEW HiBurn8 nighttime supplement and Skinny Body Max for the daytime. If you’re ready to go all out for this challenge, this is your option. With Skinny Body Max during the day, you’re going to get full faster so you’ll eat less while you boost your metabolism, burn fat more effectively, curb your cravings, improve your digestive processes, and more. With HiBurn8 at night, you’re going to sleep better and the cells in your body are going to repair themselves quicker and more effectively. With this option, you can kill this challenge.

My Exclusive Bonus Offer!

bonusWhen you purchase from me on this site, you’ll receive a free meal plan, fitness plan, complete with printable grocery list. You’ll get guidelines on what kind of food you should eat, what kind of workouts you can do and where to find them. I’ll also send you my free “Weight Loss for Life” reports that will help keep you keep the weight off for good. PLUS, I’m going to make sure you know about all the upcoming Bikini Body/Summer Ready workout challenges that are coming up so you can participate in those with me too, if you wanna join in!

Those bonuses are in addition to the Skinny Body Care 90 Day Challenge online weight loss center, that includes a weight loss tracker, fitness, nutrition, and motivational tips you already get just by joining this challenge. You’ll have everything you need to succeed – even if you don’t currently work out! I’ll be there to support you too because you’ll have direct access to me via email. Are you ready?

Click Here to Order Skinny Body Max and Join the 90 Day Challenge

Click Here to Order Skinny Body Max AND HIBURN8

The Skinny Body Care Worldwide 90 Day Challenge Starts April 1st


Spring is here and so are warmer temperatures and longer days. This is my favorite time of year! It’s also a reminder that summer is only 3 months away. So, if you’ve slipped on that New Years resolution to lose weight and get fit (like I have) then you’ve got 90 days to get ready for beach weather and bikinis. Did I say 90 days? YES! What better time for Skinny Body Care to launch the Worldwide 90 Day Challenge!

What is the Skinny Body Care Worldwide 90 Day Challenge?

The challenge itself operates on the same basic principle as our other challenges…

  1. Set goals for your weight loss and body measurements. Log your rock your 90dstarting body measurements, starting weight, and a “before” picture.
  2. Commit to taking Skinny Fiber twice a day, every day, for 90 days. This is crucial.
  3. Go public! Share your goals and your 90 day commitment with others. Better yet, get someone to do the challenge with you so you can hold each other accountable.
  4. Drink more water. I recommend drinking at least half your body weight in ounces.
  5. Make use of the nutrition and fitness advice available to you for free on your 90 day website. This is optional, but I recommend making healthier food choices (dieting is not required) and getting at least 30 minutes of activity each day (even if it’s as simple as going for a walk).
  6. Log your progress in the free online weight tracking system on your 90 day website.
  7. When you complete your 90 days, log your final weight and body measurements along with an “after” picture and begin enjoying the new slimmer you and your healthier lifestyle!

It’s that simple.

This challenge is different than our usual 90 day challenges because we are doing it together – worldwide!  Plus, this challenge doesn’t just offer the awesome T-shirt, certificate of achievement, and the promise of a chance to win the $1,000 prize for the year (everyone who completes the challenge gets these).

THIS challenge offers the chance to win something bigger!

The top THREE people who lose the most weight will win…

#1 – An all expense paid trip to Miami, Florida!
#2 – A FULL makeover to go with the new, slimmer you!
#3 – A featured spot on the new Health & Wellness TV channel

 Kind of amazing, huh?  I think so too!

How Do You Enter?

>> Click Here to Enter <<

If you are already a Skinny Fiber customer (or a distributor) you’ll be asked to enter your login details. If you are not already a customer, you’ll have the chance to place your order for Skinny Fiber.

* If you’ve got 30 lbs or less to lose, I recommend getting at least enough Skinny Fiber to finish the challenge, so the Buy 2 Get 1 Free pack is a great value and it will give you enough for all 90 days.

* If you’ve got more than 30 lbs to lose, I recommend buying the Buy 3 Get 3 Free pack. (This pack is the best value so if you have 30 lbs or less to lose you may want to consider this one too.) This will give you enough Skinny Fiber to last 6 months (or two 90 day challenges cause you might feel so good after your first one you’ll just want to keep on going – it happens!)

If you decide to join, please let me know. Comment below or connect with me on Facebook! I’d love to support you in reaching your goals 🙂

10 Common Questions About Joining Skinny Body Care

skinny-fiber-businessI LOVE Skinny Fiber, so it’s no wonder why I’ve placed my focus on that. But I have to admit, I love Skinny Body Care too! This company has changed my life by helping me get healthy and bringing out a love for health and fitness in me I didn’t even know I had. But it’s changed my life financially as well and has been a serious blessing for me and my family. So, today I thought I’d share the most common questions I get about becoming a Skinny Body Care distributor…

1 – How much does it cost to join? Are there “hidden” costs?

There are different packages to join, but the minimum is one bottle of product (Skinny Fiber or Ageless) plus the $10 signup fee. Depending on where you live, it costs most people who purchase just one bottle of product $75.92 total to become a Skinny Body Care distributor.  Some companies have hidden charges that you don’t find out about until later – like charging you for your website, back office, or contacts  manager – which you can’t very well run your business without. Skinny Body Care does NOT charge you extra for any of these – they are all free! No hidden fees.

2 – How do I get paid? How often will I get paid?

Skinny Body Care pays commissions by direct deposit to your bank account, by paper check, or by Payoneer prepaid debit MasterCard. Commissions are paid weekly as well as monthly, depending on the commission type. Please check out the full pay plan details by taking a free tour.

3 – How much will I earn as a distributor?

The answer to that question is different for everyone. The earning potential with Skinny Body Care is tremendous, but how much you earn depends on the effort you put into building your business. You can learn about how much you have the potential to earn by taking a free tour. [Read more…]

The Balancing Act® on Lifetime TV Announces Skinny Body Care to Appear in 6-Part Mini Series

The Balancing ActI am so excited! As I announced back in July, Skinny Body Care will be on The Balancing Act® Lifetime TV show starting January 2014. Here’s a copy of a press release from the show announcing this exciting news:

The Balancing Act® on Lifetime TV Announces Skinny Body Care to Appear in 6-Part Mini Series

Skinny Body Care to talk about why people have tried multiple diets and weight loss products and still struggle to lose weight.

Pompano Beach, FL, September 07, 2013 –(– Skinny Body Care will be featured in a six-part mini-series on the popular morning show The Balancing Act® airing on Lifetime TV as part of the “Heath Matters” programming line-up set to air starting in January 2014.

Ben Glinsky, Founder and CEO of Skinny Body Care will discuss why people have tried multiple diets and weight loss products and still struggle to lose weight. Viewers will be introduced to the Skinny Fiber weight management product which contains glucomannan, caralluma, and cha de bugre, which suppress the appetite using enzymes and other digestive aides. [Read more…]

Lose Weight and Get Paid While You Do It?

Skinny Body Care is the futureI try to share at least one “Skinny Spotlight” each week, which includes testimonials and before and after pics from REAL Skinny Fiber product users. Today I want to share share a testimonial from a Diamond Leader in the company behind the Skinny Fiber product: Skinny Body Care. This is Jackie’s story, in her own words:

“Being part of Skinny Body Care has changed my life !!!! Skinny Fiber helped correct my low thyroid function and corrected the hormones that were causing the weight gain due to menopause. It has really changed my life and now down 3 sizes. My dad is almost 85. He only takes half the recommended daily dose of SF and yet he’s lost weight, his cholesterol and triglycerides are down, his blood sugar is the lowest it’s been in years his blood pressure is normal and his waist has shrunk from 42″ to 34” in just a couple months.!!My moms cholesterol went from 317 to 244 in just 2 months on Skinny Fiber and my sister who had suffered from terrible migraines on a weekly basis has not taken any of the several meds she was prescribed for migraines since being on Skinny Fiber! [Read more…]

Skinny Body Care is going to be on TV!

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: At our recent Skinny Body Care company convention in New Jersey, our owner and CEO -Ben Glinsky – announced that for 13 weeks starting January 1st, we’ve been invited to be the EXCLUSIVE 2014 New Years Weight Loss Partner for the hit morning talk show on Lifetime, called The Balancing Act®! Wow!

If you’re not yet familiar with this show, here’s what it’s all about:

The Balancing Act® is America’s premier women’s morning show that is ambitious and inspiring – while illuminating new ways for women to achieve success in all areas of their lives.

The Balancing Act® is dedicated to creating trusted solutions – for women facing today’s greatest challenges. To support, and put their own spin on the women of today are The Balancing Act’s hosts – Julie Moran, Danielle Knox and Kristy Villa.

Look for more details toward the end of the year, as we get closer to going ON AIR! This is HUGE! And it keeps getting better !!!  Join our winning team or take the 90 Day Challenge today!

3 Reasons You Should Join Skinny Body Care Today

#1 – The Skinny Fiber product flat out works!

People are losing weight every day using this product. It helps you feel full faster, curbs cravings, decreases appetite, and boosts metabolism. Many people with other health issues such as diabetes, fibromyalgia, gout, high cholesterol, etc. are also finding relief by taking Skinny Fiber. The product is one you can stand behind and when you start losing weight, it sells itself. Be clear on this – being a distributor for Skinny Body Care means you’ll get paid to lose weight and help other lose weight. How awesome is that? Check the many skinny fiber testimonials here.

#2 – The cost to join is modest… and you get “cash back”!

The minimum cost to join is one bottle of Skinny Fiber + a $10.00 sign up fee. Depending on where you live, most people pay about $75.92 total. To be totally honest, I’d pay that just for my bottle of Skinny Fiber – I love it that much. But here’s the clincher .. every new distributor earns a one -time Training Bonus. It’s $8.00, so I like to think of it as a kind of rebate on your sign-up fee for getting the training you need to get started. So you buy a bottle of Skinny Fiber and pay the $10.00 sign-up fee and then get $8.00 back, making your net cost to join $2.00. Seriously. No brainer.

#3 – The Pacesetters Club promotion is going on now

I posted about this last week, but it bears repeating. The Pacesetters Club is going on NOW through April 30, 2013. Anyone who joins within that time frame and brings in 3 new paid members (distributors or preferred customers) will qualify to earn a share of 1% of the ENTIRE company revenue for THIS WHOLE YEAR. This is a bigger deal than I can express to you… we did almost $1million just last month – you do the math.

BONUS REASON: You’d be on my team! That means you get direct access to me and my other team members, free training, support groups, and more.


The time is NOW, my friend. Take a free tour!

Skinny Body Care Announces the New Pace Setters Club

pacesetterlogoI joined Skinny Body Care June 2011, so in a few months it will be my 2 year anniversary with this company. You’d think I wouldn’t continue to be surprised by the new additions and promotions the company has, but I am! And this one is bananas… it’s an opportunity to share  in ALL of the company’s growth through our new Pace-Setters Club!

What Pace-Setter Club Members Receive:

  • A Pace-Setters Pin and Certificate of Achievement from our Founder
  • Front row seating at ALL Company events
  • EXCLUSIVE Pace-Setter Club ONLY access to a once per month conference call with top leaders and CEO Ben Glinsky to give you powerful training to continue to explode your team
  • A share in 1% of TOTAL COMPANY BV for the entire YEAR* This is a share of company revenue for this entire year – NOT just the profits!

*This is HUGE! Last month’s BV was almost $1 million AND last month was 500% BIGGER in terms of new members joining than this month last year. Imagine if we grew at that rate over the next year consistently… or imagine if we doubled our BV each month for just half the year. We have NO idea how much this Pacesetters Bonus is going to be, but I can guarantee it will be worth the work you put in to get it. [Read more…]

What’s New with Skinny Body Care?

I’ve been with Skinny Body Care since June 2011 and am consistently impressed with this  company. Not only do they have a top notch product that works, they pay on time every single week, and continually improve the ways in which we can help people. Skinny Fiber is a fabulous weight loss pill that is helping people lose weight and get healthy across the globe. While the company – Skinny Body Care – is helping people like me supplement and even replace their monthly incomes every day. I can personally attest to the fact that this company, this product, and this opportunity is truly, sincerely, and genuinely changing lives… because mine is one of them!

Ok, now on to what’s new…

Skinny Body Care launched the 90 day challenge a few months ago, but they also recently launched the accompanying Skinny Body Care 90 Challenge website! Distributors and customers can login to this website to gain access to some very powerful tools that will aid in their weight loss journey. It comes with tips on how to get started, a weight loss tracker, nutrition tips, exercise ideas, success stories, and more. It even allows you to translate it into the the language of your choice! Take a look: [Read more…]

Join Skinny Body Care in April for Massive Bonus Potential

The owner and founder of Skinny Body Care recently announced a way to get some SERIOUS cash into the hands of people that are FOCUSED and go to work over the NEXT couple of months.

NEW people who join Skinny Body Care from April 1-30th, 2012 and…
– Reach the rank of Platinum by June 30th, you’ll earn an additional $5000.
– Reach the rank of Diamond by June 30th, you’ll earn an additional $10,000.
– Reach the rank of Crown Diamond by June 30th, you’ll earn an additional $50,000.

And these bonuses are in addition to the commissions and bonuses you already receive as you build your business. Pretty amazing, huh?

If you’re a network marketer looking for a new home, then NOW is your chance to get the deal of a lifetime. If you’ve been thinking about starting your own home business but were unsure about the timing, NOW is the right time! If you’re wondering if joining MY team is the right decision for you, let me share a few things with you…

I’ve maintained a spot in the Top 10 on the SBC leaderboard over the past several months and I’ve even won additional bonuses from promotions that were run by the company. I’m including some screenshots showing proof of my leaderboard statuses below. All of these screenshots were taken on the last day of the month (except April’s, which was taken on  4/12/12):

[Read more…]

Join the Skinny Body Care 30 for 30 Challenge!

It’s a new month and we’ve got a brand new challenge for you! With the help of Skinny Fiber, I want help you get healthy, get fit, & slim down in the next 30 days.

Check out the details below!

Click Here to Order Your Skinny Fiber & Join the Challenge Today!

Are There Different Ways to Join Skinny Body Care?

Yes – there have always been a few different ways to join Skinny Body Care as an Independent Distributor.  I get asked this question from time to time, so I thought I’d do a blog post about it, especially now that the ways to join have changed a bit since the introduction of our new Ageless product. Each join option requires that you make a product purchase and pay a ONE-TIME $10 Distributor sign-up fee. However, we now have different product package options, depending on how you want to build your business.  Here’s a breakdown: [Read more…]

Skinny Body Care Just Launched a New Product: Ageless

This weekend, Skinny Body Care held a regional event in Charlotte North Carolina and launched a brand new product called Ageless. The product itself is not actually new. It’s been a great seller for about two years now through Skinny Body Care owner Ben Glinsky’s other company called Rejuvinate. Now this time-tested, results-proven, high-quality skin care product is available through Skinny Body Care too!

Ageless [Read more…]

My Skinny Body Care Business & Weight Loss Update

UpdateIt’s been awhile since I’ve done an update, so I thought my blog post today should be an all-inclusive one: both my Skinny Body Care business and my Skinny Fiber weight loss journey. Here’s the skinny on what’s going on with me… 😉

My Skinny Body Care Business

Last time I updated you, I had just advanced to a Silver rank.  How are things going now? My Skinny Body Care business is doing fantastic! Since the changes were made to the Pay Plan last November, I am making more money than I was before.  I earn a $25 – $90 Fast Start bonus for each sale I make ( it doesn’t matter whether it’s a new Distributor or Preferred Customer, the bonues depends on the type of product package purchased).

Think about those numbers for just a second… if you sell three (3) of our Gold/Premier packs of Skinny Fiber and just one (1) additional bottle of Skinny Fiber each week, that equals $250 (for a new, unranked distributor) and an extra $1,000 per month!! SBC is easier than any other business I’ve ever been involved in… EVER.

I’m also bringing in more team members and customers each week. Because of this, I’ve actually been in the top 10 on the Monthly Leaderboards every month. Take a look at where I’m at as of today (2/13/12):

February Leaderboard [Read more…]

Exciting New Announcements from Skinny Body Care!

This past week was our 1st annual Skinny Body Care international convention in Las Vegas! Although I was unable to make it there in person, I was able to watch it via a live stream so I could catch all of the exciting announcements being made. Turns out some additional enhancements were made after the live stream so things got even better after the annoucements that I heard! 🙂  Here’s the low down!

 1) Our Fast Start Bonuses just increased! Depending on your rank, the Fast Start bonus will now pay $25 to $30 when someone you personally enroll purchases the Basic Pack, plus an infinity override of $1-$5. You’ll get $50 to $60 for the Silver Pack, plus an infinity override of $2-$10, depending on rank. And you’ll get $75 to $90 for the Gold pack, with infinity overrides of $3-$15, depending on rank! This is pretty amazing because the Fast Starts used to be  just $25 to $30 despite the package that was purchased… now it’s $25-$30 per bottle, plus you get infinity overrides on all the people under you who get fast start bonuses of $1-$15 per bottle! [Read more…]

I Lost 2 More Pounds & Advanced to Silver Rank!

Last week, I surprised myself by advancing to Silver rank well before my goal date. I set the goal of going Silver by October and went Silver during the final days of August! I am constantly surprised at how easy my Skinny Body Care business is to build. Check out the Rank Advancement screenshot below from my back office 🙂

I also stepped on the scaled yesterday and saw I’ve dropped another 2 lbs! Very excited about that! With a total of 12 lbs and 9 inches lost, people are now starting to notice that I’m shrinking and have begin asking what I’m doing to lose weight. This is EXACTLY what I was waiting for because as a Skinny Body Care distributor, I am now a walking billboard for our product and am living PROOF that it works! Most importantly though, I have begun admiring my new frame 😉  My waist is significantly smaller, my tummy is a lot flatter, and I’m totally motivated to keep losing.

If you want to lose weight and have been on the fence about ordering Skinny Fiber, order today and start getting healthy and slim with me!  And when you order your bottle of Skinny Fiber, consider joining my team for a measly $10 more. As your sponsor, I’ll be your mentor and will show you exactly what I’m doing to build my business so you can find the same success. Plus, with the free marketing system Skinny Body Care provides and the support of our incredible team, you just cant lose. Join my team today!

I Advanced to Bronze Rank in Skinny Body Care!

I advanced to Bronze Rank last night! 🙂 I’m very happy even though it took me a bit longer to advance than I’d hoped it would… but that’s the thing about Skinny Body Care (SBC) – it’s designed to allow anyone to succeed! I’m good at marketing online, but my background is as an affiliate marketer, so “recruiting” has never been my strongest skill. If I can rank advance in SBC, you can too!

My new bronze rank means now I earn 50% Matching Bonuses on ALL of my personal sponsors (i.e. if they earn $1,000, I earn $500) AND I qualify for a portion of the Bronze Leadership Bonus Pool too. You see, after the initial 50 BV order, 5% of every dollar that comes into the company EVERY MONTH is shared with SBC distributors through the Leadership Pools! Check out the chart above to see how that 5% is divided up amongst the different ranks. Pretty exciting, huh?

This is seriously the easiest business I’ve ever built and our team support is off the charts! What are you waiting for? Watch the movie, take the free tour, and join our team!

10 Reasons Why I Joined Skinny Body Care

I’m no stranger to network marketing, but I’m not a business opportunity junkie either. I’ve been involved in a few different network marketing companies over the years, but I’ve never had the kind of success that I’ve always strived for (you know… a 5-6 figure monthly income, the ability to take vacations and still make a full time income, easy recruiting and sponsoring success, etc.).  In fact, when I found Skinny Body Care (SBC) I was seriously leaning towards putting my network marketing career on the back burner and focusing on going back to my roots (building an income with affiliate marketing). Here’s why I changed my mind and joined SBC:

get skinny with skinny body care1. I need to lose 30 lbs. and nothing else was working for me! I’ve tried the Zone diet, the Belly Fat Cure (which works, but is way too restrictive), the South Beach Diet (which also works, but still a bit too restrictive), colon cleanse products, and even a few other diet pills. When I found Skinny Fiber, I was on week 4 of “ChaLEAN Extreme” (a 90-day workout program) and I hadn’t lost a pound (though I do admit, I feel better overall and have more energy). I knew my lack of weight loss was because of my eating habits. You see, I eat healthy most of the time (i.e. lean proteins, veggies, olive oil, etc.) but, I like to snack… and I lack proper portion control. Plus, in all honesty, I do stray from my healthy menu choices from time to time and crave sweets or a burger sometimes. What can I say? I like food and I love feeling full! Skinny Fiber sounded like the answer to my prayers 🙂

2. I researched the product ingredients and found them safe and effective. I knew there probably weren’t going to be any research studies available on the Skinny Fiber product itself (since it’s fairly new), but I wanted to see if I could find research on the individual ingredients that the Skinny Fiber product was comprised of.  [Read more…]