BlenderBottle ProStak System Review

BlenderBottle ProStak SystemThe BlenderBottle ProStak system takes water bottle technology to a completely new level. While this blender bottle is perfect for storing all manner of liquids, it also makes shakes and provides storage for powders, pills, supplements, and more. So, if you’re a serious athlete or fitness enthusiast looking for a water bottle, keep reading to find out more about this one-of-a-kind BlenderBottle.

Features of the BlenderBottle ProStak System

Like any quality water bottle, the BlenderBottle ProStak System is BPA-free, has a large holding capacity, cleans easily, delivers smooth shakes, and features a Leak-proof lid. And these are not even the best qualities of the BlenderBottle! It goes a step further to include 3 key features that make it a great pick from the rest. These include:

Expandable Design
At 22 ounces, this BlenderBottle can meet the required capacity of most trainers. However, if you need more capacity, the bottle comes with 2 interlocking jars (100cc and 150cc) with a twist N’ lock design that allows you to mount the jars onto the BlenderBottle. Thanks to this design, you can expand holding capacity by adding as many extra jars as you wish.

Extra Storage
The interlocking jars have lids with pill trays that allow you to store supplements in both pill and powder form, and take them wherever you go

BlenderBall Wire Whisk
This BlenderBottle comes with a powerful BlenderBall whisk that easily powers through stubborn powders and thick liquids (e.g. yogurt) to make super smooth shakes as well as your very own health drink blends.

Is the BlenderBottle ProStak System Worth Buying?

Other than a few cases of the lid breaking or separating prematurely, this blender bottle has received an overwhelmingly positive reaction from its users. Over 1000 users are satisfied with the bottle’s performance and love the extra storage and pill tray features. This goes to show that the BlenderBottle System is a good buy.

• Included jars stack and lock securely to the bottle and remain intact even during vigorous shaking
• All bottle compartments are dishwasher safe
• The bottle’s expandable design allows you to carry everything from powders, to pills, to blended health drinks all at once or separately
• The BlenderBall wire whisk is rust-resistant and does not chip off
• Attaching interlocking jars to bottle is done by simply making a quarter turn

• Produces a terrible smell when shakes are stored in the bottle for too long


The combination of water bottle, blender, and storage area for supplements makes this BlenderBottle a good fit for anyone who exercises regularly. Bodybuilders can carry protein powder to make protein shakes whenever they want to, gym freaks can carry water to stay hydrated during high intensity workouts, while athletes can carry performance-enhancing supplements to training. You can even use the extra jars to store healthy snacks. You can get it here.

Crossactiv 3in1 32oz Fruit Infuser and Protein Shaker Bottle Review

Crossactiv 3in1 32oz Fruit Infuser and Protein Shaker BottleThe Crossactiv 3-in-1 32oz Fruit Infuser and Protein Shaker Bottle easily stands out from the crowd due to its feature-packed nature and versatility. This water bottle delivers adaptability, convenience, safety, and durability through a smart design. Whether you’re a regular exerciser or someone simply looking to keep hydration levels up, you should take a look at this Crossactiv 3-in-1 bottle.

Features of the Crossactiv 32-Once Fruit Infuser and Protein Shaker Bottle

The best feature of this Crossactiv bottle is a 3-in-1 design that allows you to use the bottle as a fruit infuser, water bottle, or protein shaker. Selecting either of the functions is easy and only requires you to add or remove one of the bottle’s compartments.

For example, to make flavored water, you only need to add fruit, green tea, herbs, etc., to the infuser chamber. Alternatively, making a protein shake is as simple as removing the infuser and placing the included ball. This water bottle also:

• Has a BPA free build that allows you to meet your targeted water and protein intake without endangering your health

• Features a high capacity of 32oz. So, you’ll have more than enough plain or flavored water to last you through an entire day at the office, a lengthy trek or cycling trip, as well as plenty of protein shakes to last you through tough/long workouts.

• Has its very own measuring scale at the side. This is perfect for people who are taking water or protein shakes in controlled portions. The measuring scale also allows you to ensure perfection in fruit infused water and protein shake recipes that require specified amounts of ingredients.

• Offers durability through a shatterproof build and silicon seals

• Comes with a free carrying pouch that makes it easy for you to take the water bottle wherever you want

Is The Crossactiv 32-Ounce Fruit Infuser and Protein Shaker Bottle Worth Buying?

According to users, this Crossactiv 3-in-1 fruit infuser/protein shaker/water bottle is a great buy. Both infuser chamber and shaker ball work excellently. Users also love the fact that the bottles holds more liquid than other shakers, leaves zero lumps in your protein shakes, and locks tightly thanks to a metal ring at the lid.

• Dishwasher safe
• Opens and closes at the push of a button
• Waterproof locking lid
• Measurements of the bottles measuring scale are written in both oz and ml and therefore cater to a wide range of users
• Fitted with dual no slip grips
• Comes with a lifetime warranty that covers anything that can go wrong with the bottle

• A few users claim that fitting in and taking out the bottle from its carrying pouch is difficult and time consuming as the pouch has an opening that is slightly larger than the bottle


This fruit infuser and protein shaker literally meet all of your hydration needs. It allows you to have water close by as you engage in your daily tasks, keeps you hydrated throughout your workout with flavored water, and allows you to recover quickly from a tough workout with delicious protein shakes. You can get it here.

Meal Prep Haven 7 Piece Portion Control Containers and Protein Shaker Bundle Review

Meal Prep Haven 7 Piece Portion Control Containers and Protein Shaker BundleDieting is never easy and that’s why we need all the help we can get when looking to lose weight. The Meal Prep Haven 7 Piece Portion Control Containers and Protein Shaker Bundle offers you this help by measuring out protein and portions of different food types. This makes it easier for you to stick to a diet.

Ideal for anyone on a health mission, the containers can work for a variety of food plans whether you’re looking to lose weight, maintain a medical condition, gain weight, or even increase muscles.

Features of the Meal Prep Haven Control Containers and Protein Shaker Bundle

The great thing about this portion controller and protein shaker bundle is that you don’t have to start all meal and snack times with complex calorie calculations. This bundle offers a simpler way of keeping track of food intake through color-coded containers. Each container is clearly labeled with a food type as well as weight of container. So, you’ll have a clear idea of the exact number of calories you take in with each container. These containers in turn are backed up by:

• A clearly detailed guideline, which helps you come up with the ideal number of containers to have in a day for each food group.

• A 28 oz. protein shaker that makes and stores protein shakes and other healthy drinks. With this shaker, you’ll be able to customize your protein intake to suit your fitness goal.

Is the Meal Prep Haven Control Containers and Protein Shaker Bundle Worth Buying?

This Meal Prep Haven Bundle offers a few positives that make it a good buy. It eliminates calorie counting, helps you focus on what you should be eating, and even guides you towards mastering the art of portion control. As a result, you get to reach your fitness goals easily and quickly.

• All containers and protein shaker are BPA free and dishwasher safe
• The containers are freezer and microwave safe which means you can heat or freeze stored food
• Containers and shaker are both leak-proof
• The bundle comes with a lifetime warranty

o The protein shaker does not include a ball mixer for breaking up powders


Whether you’re getting ready for an upcoming event, want to drop extra pounds fast, or are simply trying to break bad eating habits, this Meal Prep Haven bundle is for you. With the included guideline, you’ll be able to formulate a solid eating plan that will get you in good shape quickly while teaching you how to eat healthier at the same time. You can get it here.

The Ultimate Protein Powder Cookbook: Think Outside the Shake” Review

The Ultimate Protein Powder CookbookProtein is a powerful food group that delivers many health benefits. It keeps our mood upbeat, boosts energy levels, improves concentration, speeds up ones metabolism, and best of all, it builds muscles, improves performance during workouts, and prevents weight gain. So, whatever your fitness goals are, upping your protein intake can help you get there quickly.

Fortunately, for those who don’t know where to start in regards to a protein diet, Anna Sward’s The Ultimate Protein Powder Cookbook: Think outside the Shake comes in handy. It offers fresh and nutritious protein-rich recipes as well as information that can help you to successfully increase your protein intake.

Features of the Anna Sward Ultimate Protein Powder Cookbook

With over 150 recipes, the Ultimate Protein Powder Cookbook is designed to help health enthusiast find fun ways to increase protein intake. The recipes come in a variety of categories, are easy to make, and delicious enough to satisfy your taste buds. Therefore, finding various meal options that work for you will not be difficult.

Other good qualities of this cookbook include: 

A Crash Course On All Matters Protein In The First Section Of The Book
The information included covers, how to cook with all types of protein, effects of food on the body, and graphs on all included ingredients and how to substitute them. For someone new to protein intake for health reasons, this section will be highly useful, as it will put you in a better position of finding creative ways of capitalizing on the full benefits of protein.

Recipes Created Without Using Preservatives, Unhealthy Fats, Carbs and Refined Sugar
Not you not only get to increase your protein intake but also avoid unhealthy substances with the recipes in this cookbook.

Is The Anna Sward Ultimate Protein Powder Cookbook Worth Buying?

Many health-conscious people rely on protein powders and shakes to get their daily portion of protein. While these protein supplements are effective, they can get boring fast (making it difficult to stick to your diet).

This Ultimate Protein Powder Cookbook, however, offers a fresh approach that allows you to use protein powders to make your own high-protein foods. The foods last longer than protein smoothies/shakes which means you get to save on money.

• Recipe instructions are simple and clear
• Ingredients can be substituted which means you can cook with what you have
• The cookbook helps us turn everyday foods (cookies, pizza, pancakes, breads, etc) into protein-packed goodies

• A few users claim that the given ingredient portions of the recipes are wrong. Therefore, one has to tweak ingredient proportions for the dishes to come out perfect.


This cookbook lays a good foundation for including protein in your diet. The recipes are easy to follow so you’ll definitely not encounter any problems making the dishes. In addition to that, the recipe book opens you up to developing protein recipes of your own. You can get it here.