Can Eating Protein Help You Lose Weight?

nutritiousYou know that what you eat plays a large part in how you look and feel. You know that junk food leads to a junk body. Lets look at the other side of the health equation.

Protein is required by your entire body to function properly. If this miracle compound is so important for proper health, can eating protein help you lose weight? Can simply adding more protein-rich foods to your diet, whether or not you exercise, boost your fat burning and weight loss powers?

The short and wonderful answer is … yes.

There is a lot of research out there that points to protein as an overweight and obesity fighter. People who are fit, in shape, and in good health tend to eat more protein than those who are out of shape, overweight or obese, sick and unhealthy.

So the correlation is definitely there.

You probably know that eggs, beans, green peas, all kinds of meat and fish are high in protein. Spinach, kale and some other leafy greens also deliver significant amounts of protein. If those foods don’t appeal to you, you can simply add flavorful protein powder to your favorite meals and beverages to ensure that you are getting enough protein into your diet.

In upcoming blog posts we will reveal exactly how protein works to help you lose weight. You will also find out the signs of a protein-poor diet. You will even learn when you should be eating protein for the best weight loss results, including timing your protein consumption around your exercise.

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